Chris Bailey

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  • (on directing for TV, which can take an hour to set up to get 10 seconds of footage) Chris: It can be a bit like watching paint dry.

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  • In 1991 he won a New Zealand Film and Television Award for his direction of the series Gold.

  • Chris enjoys swimming.

  • Chris is proud that his show Street Legal, of which he is an executive producer and director, is the first New Zealand drama series to be bought for syndication by Australian television.

  • Chris is part-owner of the production company ScreenWorks, which has produced such television shows as Street Legal and Hard Out.

  • In 2003, Chris was nominated for "Best Director, Drama" for the show Street Legal at the Academy of Film and Television Arts (AFTA) in New Zealand.

  • Chris is married to Judy Bailey, the main anchorwoman for TVNZ's One News. They have three children, two sons Sam and James, and a daughter, Gemma. He is also a grandfather.

  • In 2006, Chris was nominated for "Best Director" at the Qantas Television Awards for Doves of War.

  • Chris has appeared in stage productions by the Los Angeles Rep Co, the Seattle Rep Company, and the Freeport Players' Guild in the US. He has also acted in several New Zealnd productions, such as Romeo and Juliet (Dir. Michael Hurst), Othello (Dir. Michael Hurst), and Talking Heads.

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