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  • Chris Jericho: Very simple!, Me Want Title Match! Randy can even understand it and if you don't, I either brought visual aids, just for you Mr. O. (This quote led to his recurring catchphrase "Me want title match!")

  • (During the August 13th episode of Monday Night Raw, setting up a Summerslam match between him and Rhyno.) Chris Jericho: Wait a second, wait a second, Rock. That was a good one, but you're forgetting one half of the family. I mean take a look at what's standing in the ring right now: you've got a man-beast (Rhyno), and a ho's-beast (Stephanie McMahon). I mean, we're dealing with the Gore, and the Whore!

  • Chris: And I promise to ignite you, to excite you, to delight you, and I invite you to strap on your seatbelts, ease the seat back, click it into gear, and go into overdrive, cause from this point forward, it's 100% entertainment, 100% electricity, 100% Jericho!

  • Chris: And this is not a mirage! This is real! This is here! This is now! This is the second coming of Y… 2… J!

  • (In a WWE Magazine interview November 2007 concerning his new haircut.) Chris Jericho: I've always considered myself the Madonna of sports entertainment. I may not walk around in corsets and coo and purr, but I'm constantly changing my look, my hair, my costume. Whether it's a new ponytail or beard or long beard or no beard or whiskers or whatever. If I see a picture of myself from two or three years ago and I look the same, then I know there's something wrong.

  • Chris Jericho: You people like me, you really like me!

  • Chris Jericho: I am a living legend, larger than life. Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!!

  • Chris Jericho: I am the human highlight reel!

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  • Chris Jericho is scheduled to make his feature movie debut in the 2009 horror film Albino Farm. He plays a character named Levi, who he considers quite the opposite who he is.

  • Ring Names Chris's former ring names/nicknames include: Last Survivor, Corazón de León, Super Liger, Lionheart.

  • On August 22, 2005, Chris Jericho lost to John Cena in his first ever "You're Fired" match. This led to his hiatus from pro wrestling of approximately two years, the longest he has had in his career.

  • WCW nicknames for opponents Prince Nakamaki (Prince Iaukea) Bore-Us Malenko (Dean Malenko's dad) Stinko Malenko (Dean Malenko) Jo-Jo Dillon (J.J. Dillon) Gene Mean (Mean Gene Okerlund) Greenberg (Goldberg) WWF nicknames for opponents Kirk Angel (Kurt Angle) Mr. Roboto (Chris Benoit) Mr. T (Booker T) Trip (Triple H) Stone Cold Steve Ass-Clown (Stone Cold Steve Austin) Disgusting, Dirty, Filthy, Ugly, Two Dollar, Bottom-Feeding, Trashbag Ho (Stephanie McMahon)

  • In an exclusive interview with Dale Thompson in HM magazine in 2003, Chris mentions that his favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." This is also a favorite quote by WWE superstar Shawn Michaels and mentioned in an interview with ECW wrestler Kevin Kelly.

  • In October 25, 2007, Chris Jericho released an autobiography called A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex highlighting 15 years in the wrestling business.

  • In WCW when Chris had his "feud" with headliner Bill Goldberg, he felt that as a champion he should also have a group of security guards to escort him to the ring. So he hired two guys: Ralphus, a middle-aged fat, bald guy with a t-shirt that read Jericho Personal Security, and another guy with a mullet named Jericholic Ninja. They would parody Goldberg's entrance, but with results closer to Spinal Tap as Chris would get lost and end up walking into closets or out of the arena. When he did finally get to the ring, he would only get a small pop of sparkles instead of the major fireworks show. Later appearances only had Ralphus escorting Chris to the ring until Goldberg finally arrived and accepted the challenge.

  • Chris Jericho said in a recent interview that he got his new finisher, The Codebreaker, from watching Naomichi Marufuji do it on a Ring of Honor tape. He figured it would be a cool finisher and so he's using it now.

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