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  • Chris: (When asked if he was attracted to darker roles) I wouldn't say I'm attracted to darker roles, for now that's what coming to me, in future I would love to be a huge action star. Think The Bourne Identity.

  • Chris: (on landing the lead role in The Collector) Getting the role of Morgan on The Collector was actually smooth and quick, it all happened with two auditions and all within a week. That's pretty rare in this business.

  • Chris: (when asked how he became interested in acting and how did he go about breaking into the industry) My interest for acting started at an early age but I never actually got into the business until I was in my early twenties, when what I consider an inspiration from God gave me the courage to tackle my dreams.

  • Chris: (when asked what he think it is the reason for Jericho to have latched on so many viewers) To be honest, number one, probably just the actors themselves and the storylines. I think Skeet, Lenny, and Ashley, I think they all do a great job with their characters and make their characters likable enough that you can relate to them. Then obviously the writing, any good show that goes on for years has a lot to do with the writing.

  • Chris: (When asked if there was anything challenging for him in his role on Jericho) Number one I went in and they had to shave my head. It was the middle of the summer, it was in July actually, so it was quite nice actually. The role was very physical and I had to do quite a few stunts. I pretty much did them all but there was only one that I didn't do. I actually ended up doing it but with a pad, where the stunt guy didn't use a pad. The only other pressure was to step up to the plate because most of my scenes were with Lenny. He's a great actor and you know you have to step up to the plate and match him.

Trivia (17)

  • Chris was already a fan of Jericho prior to joining the cast.

  • What initially drew Chris to his role as Morgan Pym in The Collector was the fact that it was an opportunity for him to play the lead in a TV series. However, once he got into the character he says it tied into his beliefs as a Catholic and he liked the direction the series was taking.

  • Chris enjoyed working on The Twilight Zone because it gave him the opportunity to be part of a legendary show, and also because he was able to work with Molly Sims who he was with when she got the phone call about landing her role on Las Vegas.

  • While working on the TV series Jericho the only pressure he felt was when he performed his stunts and when working with Lenny (Hawkins)with whom he had most of his scenes, as Chris felt he was a great actor and that Chris had to step up to the plate to match him.

  • Chris had to shave his head for his role in Jericho. He has been quoted saying of it that it was the middle of summer when his head was shaved and that it was actually quite nice.

  • Chris's dream bike is a custom Chopper.

  • While appearing in the TV series The Collector, Chris was put through motorcycle training at the B.C. Safety Council in Canada. In the show he rides a slick silver and black Buell Lightning.

  • In between auditions, when Chris was broke, he used to clean windows at a coffee shop at 6th and Arbutus, in Vancouver, Canada.

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