Christian Siriano

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Quotes (7)

  • That's so FIERCE!

  • Christian (on Kimberley Locke): Kimberley's faaaa-bulous. She's, like, the most amazing client any designer would ever want. She has opinions but they're good opinions, they're not like 'Judgy was a bear' opinions.

  • Christian Siriano: (When asked if he liked Britney Spears) Are you kidding me? I am seriously trying to launch a new reality show called Project Britney where I become Britney's stylist for a year and make her over. It's going to be so hot.

  • Christian: (When asked What fashion DOs and DON'Ts do you live by?)Everything I wear is a do and everything else is a don't!!! (I'm kind of a big deal.)

  • Christian: I Google everyone I meet and I look up designers!

  • Christian: I think I was very young when I became interested in fashion! About 8 when I was into show costumes!!! I was always 10 different things for Halloween it was a runway at age 8!

  • Christian Siriano: I'd rather buy clothes than buy a bed.

Trivia (30)

  • Christian is the fan favorite winner in Project Runway.

  • Christian is the winner of Project Runway season 4.

  • His job before joining Project Runway was a bi-coastal freelance designer.

  • If he could be a fabric he would be organza.

  • His favorite colors are neutrals.

  • Christian always says he's a big deal and thinks he is a celebrity.

  • He shops at Uni Quo, Marc Jacobs, Opening Ceremony, American Apparel, Prada in Soho, Diesel, Flying A's, All Saints in London, and Dover Street Market in London.

  • He says he doesn't shop online except for using eBay.

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