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  • Christina: (about the upside of having a double masectomy) I don't have to wear a bra! They don't hang down to my knees like they used to. They just hang up there. They're pretty solid. They're not going anywhere. And "the gals" look good in tank tops, and they didn't before!

  • Christina: (on having breast cancer) Yes, it's hard. It sucks. But I'm not a victim. I started looking for a beach house the day I found out I had this little disease. You just kind of go, 'What are you waiting for to get the things that you want and the things you dream of?

  • Christina: (on being given a clean bill of health after her successful mastectomy) I'm clear. Absolutely 100 percent clear and clean ... so I'm definitely not going to die from breast cancer. [Before surgery] I was just shaking and – and then also immediately, I had to go into ... 'take-care-of-business-mode'.

  • Christina: I improvised something in [the 2002 film] The Sweetest Thing that I was really proud of. I'm sitting behind this kid at a church wedding, and I'm trying to get him to turn around and not look at me because I'm not suppose to be there. So, I go, "Look, there's Jesus.' It got the biggest laugh at the premiere.

  • Christina: (about having played keyboard in Tina Yothers' band in an episode of Family Ties) It was so stupid. I'm more sorry about the clothing and the hairdo. If I had put on anymore shoulder pads, I could have been a football player. It was an ugly-a*s thing. So, I'm really sorry about that-- not for anybody else. I'm just sorry for myself.

  • Christina: My dream is to have a house on the beach, even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee, look at dolphins, be quiet and breathe the air.

  • Christina: Every single kid in my group of friends at school was from a single-parent family.

  • Christina: But men and women, getting along, it's a joke. We have completely different brains, it's a completely different thing.

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  • Christina founded the Right Action for Women organization to help women at high risk for breast cancer.

  • Christina has a Dachshund-mini Doberman mix dog named Tallulah.

  • In August 2008 it was revealed Christina had been diagnosed with breast cancer through a routine breast test. She is following her doctor's treatment and is expected to make a full recovery.

  • In 2001, Christina was given "special thanks" in the credits of the film Donnie Darko.

  • In 1999, Christina won the TV Guide Award in the category of Favorite Star of a New Series for her role on the television series Jesse.

  • In 1987, Christina won the Young Artist Award in the category of Exceptional Performance By a Young Actress in a New Television, Comedy or Drama Series for her work on the television series Heart of the City.

  • In 2008, Christina won (along with David Faustino) the TV Land Award in the category of Siblings That Make You Grateful for Your Own Crazy Family for her role on the television series Married with Children.

  • In 1992, Christina was nominated for an MTV Movie Award in the category of Most Desirable Female for her role in the 1991 film Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.

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