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  • Chris Meloni: (On Elliot + Olivia getting together in SVU) I doubt it seriously, but hey, stranger things have happened. I'd get it on with Benson. Sure, bring her on! I'm not afraid.

  • Christopher Meloni: (on why he did 'Oz') I wanted to do it because it was Tom Fontana and then later because it was Lee.

  • Christopher Meloni: (on Keller and Beecher's relationship in 'Oz') I loved that storyline, even though Lee [Tergeson] and I had to do some couples therapy over it.

  • Christopher Meloni: (on acting) Outside of my family, it's the only thing that makes life worth living.

  • Christopher Meloni: (on Sophia seeing him nude in 'Oz') She's already seen me nude plenty of times in real life, so...what's the big deal?

  • Christopher Meloni: (on life) I believe in doing one's best not to fuck with others because it's just not nice to do. I've fallen short of that goal many times but it is always a philosophy that is with me.

  • Christopher Meloni: (on 'SVU' co-star Ice-T) I love Ice - [he's a] great guy, very cool, funny and smart.

  • Christopher Meloni: (on sexuality) I may be a sarcastic asshole at times but I think anybody who knows me would know sexual orientation is so irrelevant to me and the friends in my life. Also I think being in the "arts" I am surrounded by gay, bi etc and most all have made their peace with who or what they are- it's a non issue.

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  • Christopher's daughter Sophia is Mariska Hargitay's goddaughter.

  • In early 2007, Meloni signed a new two-year deal, worth $6.5 million annually, with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

  • Since the start of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Meloni appeared in 10 NBC The More You Know public service announcements, shedding light on the following topics: anti-prejudice, emergency planning, the environment, domestic abuse, substance abuse, drinking and driving, family communication, reading with your kids, internet safety, and parental involvement.

  • Meloni starred in the 2002 movie Murder in Greenwich.

  • The scar on Meloni's chin came from playing football.

  • Meloni is slightly deaf in his right ear.

  • Meloni admitts that one day he'd like to play Jesus.

  • Meloni's favorite baseball team is the Washington Nationals.

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