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8/27/1964, London, England

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  • Claire Stansfield was born in London, England. Her father is English and her mother is German. They moved to Canada when Claire was very young so even though she has a British passport she feels as though she is a Canadian. She went to school in Toronto, Ontario and grew up around the High Park area. For a time Claire worked as a model in her teens but felt she wasn't that good at it. Even so, she did runway shows, as she was already six feet tall at sixteen, a bit of magazine work and some commercials. Claire considers herself lucky in that she had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling. Of course it helped that her mother is a flight attendant for Air Canada, which meant a lot of cheap airline tickets were thrown Claire's way. In all the places she has had the opportunity to visit, Claire especially loves Australia. She speaks German and spent most of her summers in a town outside of Cologne in Germany with her beloved grandmother Kai; whom she named her production company, Kai Productions, after. Claire settled down for two years in London in the 80's where she enrolled at London's Central School of Drama. When her studies ended and her parents cut off her cash, she followed her father to California and decided to try her luck in Hollywood. Her father remarried a fantastic woman and Claire now has a brother and a sister. Her mother lives in Vancouver Canada, but always goes with Claire on location. Also living with her is her pet dog Dino. Since dipping her toes in the Hollywood waters, Claire has continued to find steady work in various roles in both feature films and television. But it was her part as the evil Alti in the hit television series "Xena: Warrior Princess", that showcased Claire's talents and brought her to the attention of a huge fan base.moreless

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    Claire Stansfield



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    London, England

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    • Claire: (on making convention appearances) I mean, you can do the Vagina Monologues for 400 people- or you can do them for four THOUSAND Xena fans!

    • Claire: (after reading the script for the "Xena" episode "Adventures in the Sin Trade") I read 'Alti, old hag, bag of bones' and I'm thinking, 'I wonder who's playing her?' And I saw 'Cyane, Queen of the Amazons.' I've played so many Amazons and aliens and those type of big women that I really thought I was [going to play] Cyane.

    • Claire: I love working for Pacific Renaissance and will stalk them if I have to so that they bring me back.

    • Claire: (on her role as the Jersey Devil for The X-Files) I loved doing that show. It was completely unknown back then. David and I are friends, and he told Chris Carter that I would be the perfect person to play the creature. Thanks, David! I didn't really have a lot of makeup on. It was mostly dirt. I could have rolled in dirt and been ready. Oh yeah, the long wig or "hair bra" was a little tedious...

    • Claire: The skeleton scene in "Them Bones, Them Bones" was also weird to film. Lucy and I got black catsuits on with ping pong balls attached to our joints, after that we just jumped up and down and did some easy action scenes. After that the stuntwomen took over and the rest of the scene was shot. At the end the skeletons were put over the balls.

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    • In the 80s Claire was engaged to Simon Le Bon, the lead singer of Duran Duran. The couple owned homes in both Toronto and London.

    • Claire's mother was a flight attendant, so she got the chance to travel using cheap tickets from Air Canada. Her favorite place that she visited was Australia.

    • Claire speaks German and spent most of her summers in a town outside of Cologne in Germany with her grandmother Kai. She later named her production company, Kai Productions, after her grandmother.

    • Claire is working on some projects that she started herself. Chickmate is an online tv series with film images and animation, and Claire's friend and fellow actress Lucy Lawless has done some voice over work for it.

    • Claire has teamed up with Alex Tydings (Aphrodite) for the Xena convention XXX Cabaret Show. The two actresses act out "subtext" fan fiction, much to the delight of their audiences. They came up with the idea together, but Alex credits Claire with suggesting they use fan fiction as their material.

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