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  • Claudia Black: (On qualities she likes in a man) The way the man's mind works. A sense of humor. Intelligence and humor are the two most important things. And I think there's something in a man's eyes, the way he looks at you that's incredibly sexy. And if there seems to be some thought behind those eyes, rather than some fake and gormless expression. That's always a good start.

  • Claudia Black: If something is already funny on the page, I'm always worried that I'll screw it up. So it's nerve-wracking for me but that's part of why I accepted this opportunity on Stargate. I wanted to get more practice at doing comedy, and I certainly did with Morpheus.

  • Claudia Black: As for playing Vala, if I can leave work at night feeling that I've made an acting choice that wasn't expected, or if I've surprised people and made them laugh, or if I've just served the script well and not screwed up, then those are the days to remember and be proud of.

  • Claudia Black: (On working while still new mother) The lack of sleep has been the hardest adjustment for me. If I ever turn evil, I'll use sleep deprivation as my primary form of torture.

  • Claudia Black: I love to cook, it's one of my most favorite things in the world. That's why I stopped being a vegetarian - I didn't want to serve people things I hadn't tasted myself. After ten years of eating vegetables and tofu I found my husband-to-be and courted him through his stomach! I needed to taste it to make sure I wasn't ruining my destiny! (laughs). His first gift to me was a recipe book with notes and hints!

  • Claudia Black: (On the internet) It's like a TARDIS; you sit there and it will suck your time away from you!

  • Claudia Black: (On Farscape bloopers) There's a lot of bloopers that I don't think the world will ever see because they're mostly of Anthony Simcoe and they're obscene.

  • Claudia Black: (On learning to snowboard) My boyfriend's idea of a lesson was to take me on a black diamond run in the middle of a hail storm and say, 'Go!' Ski patrol had to escort me to another lift to get me down the mountain. No, that wasn't humiliating, not at all.

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  • Her favorite movie is Life of Brian, which she defines as the 'perfect movie'.

  • Claudia is glucose-intolerant.

  • Claudia says she is unsure where she conceived her first child, since she was on a road trip at the time.

  • Claudia earned herself the nickname "The Mutation" because of everything her characters have been through, especially Aeryn from Farscape, who was deemed irreversibly contaminated and later had her DNA altered.

  • Claudia worried about becoming a mother because she loves her sleep.

  • Claudia refers to herself as the black sheep of her family, since she was the only one who did not graduate from university.

  • Claudia's parents are both doctors. Her mother, Judy, is a professor of pharmachology at the University of Sydney and her father, Jules, is an obstetricean and gynochologist.

  • Claudia attended three weeks of university before telling her parents she was quitting and becoming an actress.

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