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  • Claudia Christian: (discussing her experiences filming her short film "The Experiment") I recall the experience as exhilarating, creative and extremely 'free'...I felt like our little crew was unencumbered by bureaucracy and studio influence and we were simply there to make the best little film we could for the least money in the quickest time.

  • Claudia Christian: I left home very young and because of that I've always been very responsible and willing to take any job. I never had a rich daddy or any of that stuff to support me. Even when I was married, I paid half the bills and did everything. So I did a lot of crap. I just had to take anything, because I like to live well. Now I'm feeling that I'm in a teeny corner where I can be a little bit choosy. That feels good. There are only so many times that people can forgive you for doing movies that go straight to cable.

  • Claudia Christian: (While discussing her frustration with how Hollywood works) I'm not saying I'm anti-American. I just don't understand why a talented 38-year-old actress should not be seen for an audition when a member of 'Survivor' is...a nonactor who hasn't paid their dues, who has done nothing in their life.

  • Claudia Christian: (Discussing her choice to leave America to live in England) I am so happy and grateful that I was born in America, because I've had every opportunity in front of me. I love this country. But I do find that I need a little different perspective right now.

  • Claudia Christian: Apparently I've been typecast in science fiction. I'm a Russian bisexual telepathic Jew.

  • Claudia Christian: (When asked about her singing career) I'm a lousy singer, but I do like pretty songs.

  • Claudia Christian: I've acted since I moved out of my parents house at 15 years old and I've been acting ever since.

  • Claudia Christian: (Speaking about working with the cast of Babylon 5) Half the fun of our jobs is being completely lascivious.

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  • In 2008, Claudia wrote and produced an online short film called "The Experiment". It gives a brief glimpse of how women in three different eras continued to be mistreated by the men in their lives despite the progress women have made in American society in the last few generations.

  • Her grandfather on her mother's side was a surgeon.

  • She has played the character of Janine Foster in the "Doctor Who" audio drama The Reaping.

  • Because she has a remarkable resemblance to the actress Claudia Wells and even shares the same first name, the two actresses are often confused for one another.

  • In 2004, Claudia starred in the stage play "What The Night Is For" at the Laguna Playhouse.

  • She is a vegetarian.

  • Claudia had tried her hand as a director by guest-directing an installment of The Heartbreak Cafe, a cable access show which exists primarily as a school for budding actors, directors and production staff.

  • Her character of Susan Ivanova on Babylon 5 wears a single earring on her left ear to honor her brother, Ganya, who died during the Earth/Minbari War. In real life, Claudia wears an earing in the same ear to honor her actual brother who passed away years earlier.

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