Cliff M. Simon

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Gregory "Mitch" Mitchell on Egoli: Place Of Gold


Johannesburg, South Africa

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  • Simon was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, the fourth child of Emmanuelle and Phylis Simon. Both of his parents are of Ashkenazi Jewish descent from Poland and Lithuania.[1] From a very young age, Cliff aspired to be the first South African swimmer to win an Olympic Gold medal. His mother, a swimming teacher, taught him from a very young age, and at age 6 he began to show talent as a gymnast. By age 15, Cliff had reached a national level in South Africa in both swimming and gymnastics, but he decided to discontinue training in gymnastics to better focus on swimming.
    In 1975, his parents decided to emigrate to the United Kingdom, due to the turmoils in Africa. It was there that Simon completed his schooling and was chosen to swim in the British International squad. He competed in Olympic trials and qualified for the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. He was offered scholarships to the University of Houston and Southern Methodist University in Texas, where he trained with the United States swimming team, the Mustangs. This would have culminated in him competing in the 1984 Olympic Games. However, after three years of intense training, he decided to quit and return to South Africa, due to his concerns that he was missing out on his social life.
    Back in South Africa, Simon entered the air force where he continued his swimming and achieved the highest athletic award given in the air force, the Victor Ludorum. In 1982, after serving his two year term in the air force, he landed a job teaching windsurfing and waterskiing at a resort hotel. As fate would have it, a stage show was in production at the resort and Simon was informed by one of the performers that the choreographer was looking for a gymnast. Simon somehow knew that this was going to be the first step towards a career on stage. Simon subsequently performed all over the world in various stage productions as a dancer/acrobat, culminating in his dream role as a performer at the world famous Moulin Rouge, Paris, in 1989.On his return to South Africa, Simon pursued his stage career as an actor. Whilst studying drama, Simon secured himself a modelling agent and enjoyed success in ramp, print and television commercials. Simon received recognition as a model in South Africa and was asked to enter the Mr. South Africa talent and action man competition. On winning this competition in 1992, Simon was offered an audition on a successful television series, Egoli: Place of Gold. After guest starring on the show for three months, he accepted a permanent contract for a lead role in the show, which he continued for six years.In 1997, he married his girlfriend in a game lodge in South Africa. After being personally affected by the high levels of crime in Johannesburg, he decided to immigrate to the USA, hoping for a better quality of life. This also gave him the opportunity to further his acting career.Arriving in 2000 in Los Angeles, Simon secured an agent, and landed a guest star role with Don Johnson on the hit TV series, Nash Bridges. A short time after that, he acquired the guest star role of Ba'al on Stargate SG-1. Cliff's combination of charming bad guy charisma and wicked sense of humor made him a viewer favorite antagonist, keeping his character recurring for five seasons. In 2008, Simon was brought back to play Ba'al in the Stargate movie Stargate: Continuum.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Cliff Simon



    Birth Place:

    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Also Known As

    Cliff Marc Simon, Cliff Simon, Cliff Simons

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    • Cliff Simon: (about getting the part of Ba'al on Stargate) After meeting with the executive producer about 8 months before the character of Ba'al was created we decided to wait until the right character was written into the story for me, so Ba'al ended up mine and I was very lucky.

    • ((2006) about rumors that he would appear in Stargate Atlantis) Cliff: I think I should clear up any rumors. I have been saying that I would love to go across to Atlantis, now that SG-1 is coming to an end. I know a lot of fans have started to write to the producers about seeing Baal in Atlantis, which is awesome of them. But as I said I have not been approached nor have there been any meetings involving me about Atlantis. Obviously I hope I do.

    • Cliff Simon: I loved the original Stargate movie with Kurt Russell.

    • Cliff Simon: I do enjoy them as far as, what I said to the fans and the viewers, without them we wouldn't have a show. So I'm always appreciative of the audience. I will never not sign an autograph. I will never be rude to somebody, because I'll never forget that. I've been in the business for a long time. I've seen a lot of actors become like that. And it's just terrible because you don't put yourself where you are.

    • Cliff Simon: Your viewers put you there. Your fans put you there. You can never forget that.

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    • In 2005 he gained his U.S. citizenship.

    • Cliff Simon's favorite charity are Animal Anti Cruelty (including California Wildlife Center) and Hospice. His favorite colors are blue and earth tones. His favorite movie is Scent Of A Woman (1992). His favorite music is Underground Tribal House.

    • He has 3 sisters.

    • In 2004, his mother sadly passed away.

    • He has been stated as saying that he would like to possibly do theater, if given the chance.

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