Colton Berry

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Twenty-First Place (Season 7) on American Idol


Staunton, VA

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  • Colton currently lives in Staunton, VA. Berry is a senior at Wilson Memorial High School. He began singing in church when he was 5 years old. He is active in community theatre, he also mentors children in a music class at a local elementary school.

    Birth Name:

    Colton David Berry



    Birth Place:

    Staunton, VA

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    • Colton (on who he was close with on "American Idol"): Kady, Ramiele, Danny, Joanne, Asia'H and I were just kind of this like superpower of comedians. We always had everyone laughing and we would make each other laugh, all the time. They were calling me this morning, as soon as they woke up. All the way through the whole process, we've been really, really, really tight -- like brothers and sisters.

    • Colton (on if he plans to sing on Broadway): I've had two dreams in life. Number one was to be on 'American Idol,' because I grew up with the show, and number two was to be on Broadway. So, I can check off my first one, and hopefully that first check will lead me into the second one. I'm going to set up as many auditions as I can and really go for that. One of my favorites is 'Wicked.' I would love to play the male, Fiero. Oh my God, that's my dream role!

    • Colton (on when he felt a resemblance to Ellen DeGeneres): People have been saying it for years. I'm one of her biggest fans. One day I kind of looked in the mirror and I was like, "Maybe everyone's right! Maybe I do really look like Ellen." I figured I might as well embrace it. I know that she called Ryan Seacrest and was laughing with [him]. If Ellen's reading this ... give me a call!

    • Colton (on if he was offended when Simon told him to get a job): Simon's job is to be Simon Cowell. So, I expected him to say something like that. But I also kept in mind -- and I think America kind of kept in mind -- [that] he did pick the Top 24. Out of hundreds of thousands of people, he picked us to be the Top 24 singers in America. So I think he was being a little hypocritical, but he's Simon and everyone loves him, and I love him for who he is.

    • Colton (on if he felt pressure on "American Idol" because he was so young): I didn't feel pressure, it didn't feel like a competition, I just went out there and had a whole lot of fun.

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    • His goals in life are to change people's lives by sharing his talents and by giving everybody a chance to be exposed to the arts.

    • He thinks his friends are so used to how unexpected he can be that they won't be surprised at anything he does.

    • Before performing, he gets very hyper and talks too much and to him that never fails to enhance his performance value.

    • He thinks he has embarrassed himself so much that he has lost track on how many times or how much he has been embarrassed.

    • List of Songs Sung on American Idol: February 19, 2008 - Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley February 21, 2008 - Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley (Eliminated)

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