Conchata Ferrell

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Trivia (18)

  • Conchata likes to write children's poetry, gardening, watching films, reading history, and shopping.

  • Conchata considers herself to be "old hippie, political liberal and feminist."

  • "North Beach and Rawhide" was the first TV miniseries Conchata acted in (1985).

  • "Heartland" was Conchata first starring role in 1980, Rip Torn also starred in the feature.

  • "The Girl Called Hatter Fox" was Conchata first TV-movie in 1977.

  • Conchata made her Theatrical film debut in Sidney Lumet's "Network", in 1976.

  • Conchata received a BA in Social Studies from Marshall University.

  • Conchata took drama classes at both West Virginia University and Marshall University.

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