Craig Parker

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Gaius Claudius Glaber on Spartacus: Vengeance


11/12/1970, Suva, Fiji

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  • Based in Auckland, New Zealand. Craig Parker was born November 12th, 1970 in Suva on the island of Fiji, but moved to New Zealand with his parents as a child, along with his older brother David and his older sister.

    Craig has become one of New Zealand's most popular actors. At the age of nineteen he started out on a TV show called Hot Shots directed by Steve La Hood. He then gained more experience, working on various TV- and theatre-productions, such as Macbeth (1991), directed by none other than Hercules' co-star Michael Hurst, and the NZ-series Gloss (1990).

    Since 1987 Craig has also been involved in Theatresports, proving his talent for improvisation and stand-up comedy performance. His engagement with Theatresports lasted for ten years.

    His big breakthrough came in 1992, when he was cast as "Guy Warner" for the popular New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street. Craig, who also speaks French, remained a core-cast member of the show for four years, winning the New Zealand audience's sympathy.

    Afterwards he appeared in several episodes of the internationally renowned TV-shows Xena - Warrior Princess and Young Hercules.

    Moreover, Craig worked on radio-plays (Ashleys World I & II and Caffeine Comedy/News in Briefs, both 1996 - 1997), which eventually brought him in touch with Peter Jackson, with whom he worked on recordings for The Lord Of The Rings, lending his voice to the character of Frodo.

    In the screen adaption of J.R.R. Tolkien's popular books, however, Craig - despite his dark hair and complexion - was cast as "Haldir", one of Lothlorien's blond and fair elves. His role in the first two parts of the Trilogy finally brought him to international attention.

    At heart, Craig always remained a comedian. He kept showing his skills as an entertainer in shows like Scared Scriptless (1999) as well as various comedy debates, and also continuously worked for both stage and screen. He was to be seen in theatre alongside Michael Hurst and Oliver Driver in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (2001). Fans of soap operas can also enjoy watching Craig playing the role of "Alistair Kingsley" in Mercy Peak. He has also been cast as the narrator for the stage production of the cult-musical The Rocky Horror Show.

    In February 2003 Craig spent 16 days in Kathmandu on TVNZ's Intrepid Journeys.

    He has been the MC at the biggest and smallest of events and continues to be in great demand for his overall ability to make any audience feel at home.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Craig Parker



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    Suva, Fiji

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    • Craig: (on playing the villain on "Legend of the Seeker") The world of fantasy is wonderful fun, with the costumes, great sets, sword fighting and magic. You always need someone wanting to take over the universe. Darken Rahl does terrible things but, like all dictators, he believes he's doing it for the right reasons. He just wants to bring order to the world but unfortunately people want free will, which is slightly troubling for him. And there are some episodes later on where you see the reasoning behind what he does and that's much more interesting. If you play a villain who's just evil, there's no real interest in it.

    • Craig: I have always kept the important people and things in my life reasonably private and still do. I think that to hold the details of your life up for public consumption is crass and unfair to those very people you care about.

    • Craig: I don't think you can really define a career as successful until it's over.

    • Craig: (on his suspicion of the media) A quote can be made to mean anything and in their photo sections there's a lot of innuendo. When that first happens you worry about how people who don't know the situation will read it, how your family will be affected by it. It really pays to keep your private self for the people you like and love. It does me no favours at all to reveal my personal life to people who read magazines.

    • Craig: (on "Shortland Street") One of the really good things about that show is, people go on it, they become a bit famous, but then realise that fame in New Zealand means nothing really. It’s just like being recognised at the dairy and they get over themselves and they learn how to do it every day, they get over the preciousness of acting and learn really basic fundamentals of how to do it. As well as that, you’re paid well and have a great time; you get invited to a few parties.

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    • In 2011, Craig was nominated for "Best Performance by a Supporting Actor" at the Aotearoa Film & Television Awards for his role on Legend of the Seeker.

    • Craig says he hadn't read Terry Goodkind's series until getting the part of Darken Rahl on Legend of the Seeker, but since then he's begun working his way through them.

    • Craig acted as MC at the wedding of Michael Galvin, his Shortland Street co-star. Michael plays Dr Chris Warner, the brother of Craig's character Guy.

    • Craig speaks French.

    • Craig's theatre credits include:
      (2007) The Pillowman "Katurian" Auckland Theatre Company Dir: Simon Prast
      (2006) Glide Time "John" Silo Theatre Dir: Oliver Driver
      (2001) Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead "Rosencrantz" Auckland Theatre Company Dir: Colin McColl
      (2000) The Judas Kiss Auckland Theatre Company
      (1999) Amy's View "Dominic" Auckland Theatre Company Dir: Cathy Downes
      (1998) Wind in the Willows "Mole" (1997) Arcadia "Valentine" Auckland Theatre Company Dir: Simon Phillips
      (1994) The Seagull "Konstantine" (1992) Weed "Hugh"
      (1991) Macbeth "Malcolm"

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