Dale Levitski

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Season 8 All-Star on Top Chef


4/3/1973, Chicago, Illinois USA

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  • Dale is another self-taught chef who will bring some flair to the competition. He's been cooking for over a dozen years. He began by flipping burgers in Iowa City, Iowa during college, got addicted to the rush of working on the line. He then moved to Chicago thinking that he would make a little money and then go to school, but never got past the thrill of the kitchen, and has been just cooking his way through the trenches in Chicagoever since then. he is currently a consultant, he paid his dues at restaurants like Trio and Blackbird before starting his next venture: opening his own restaurant. Dale will bring his highly competitive streak, along with his skill in French American cuisine to the challenges ahead.moreless

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    Dale Levitski



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    Chicago, Illinois USA

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    • Dale: (on "Top Chef's" winner Hung Hyunh) Hung's a great cook. But that's pretty much what he does, he's a cook. He's a sous chef. When you get to the level of executive chef, you're managing, you're doing financials, it's not only about the food. The food is probably 50% of your day when you hit the executive chef level, and I think I had more experience in that compared to most of the people on the cast.

    • Dale: (on his use of instant mashed potatoes for the "Family Favorites" Challenge) I think the fact that the instant mashed potatoes had a brand name, you know, Potato Buds ... if I just said I used potato starch to make the dough, all of a sudden I would have been like, a molecular gastronomic genius. But the fact that actually it came out of a box ... you know, it's kinda funny.

    • Dale: I think a lot of chefs fall short of really understanding and having a personal relationship with your clientele. Know who you are serving and why and what they're looking for. And there are so many egomaniacal chefs that are, 'Here's my food, eat it. And you'll love it.' I want to cook this for you and make you happy, and if it doesn't I'm going to change, I'm going to adapt. A lot of chefs are not humble enough to do it.

    • Dale: (on being part of "Top Chef") Cooking in a restaurant and being in the weeds on your line, that's one thing. That's hard. [But] you take it for granted when you're sitting on the couch watching it and yelling at the TV, calling people an idiot. But you have no idea how hard it really is.

    • Dale: (on his fellow "Top Chef" competitors) We had so much fun together and I think it probably pissed production off because we got along so well.

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    • Dale is one of eight former Top Chef contestants who will be teaching a one-off cooking at the New York City's The Culinary Institute of America. He and his fellow chefs will each be preparing one of their signature dishes from the competition along with two complementary courses and a specialty cocktail. Dale's class will be taking place on July 14, 2008.

    • Dale, who works in Chicago, knew fellow Chicagoan Stephanie Izard and suggested that she try out for season 4 of Top Chef. It was good advice, since she won the competition, the first woman to be named Top Chef.

    • Dale admits that his sense of smell, and therefore his palate, is weaker than most of his peers in the business, but that didn't keep him from being a finalist on Top Chef. Of course, he was criticized by the Judges more than once for serving food that was too heavily seasoned, especially when he used hot peppers/chilis.

    • Dale became quite close friends with fellow competitor Sara Nguyen during their time on Top Chef, and in early 2008, when Sara moved to New York, she moved in with him.

    • Dale is one of the alumni contestants who blog on the fourth season of Top Chef at the Bravo website. He also has a blog at Bravo's subsidiary Outzone website.

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