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  • Danica: (on rumors of her switching from IndyCar to F1) First I want to contend for the IndyCar championship and then we'll see what opportunities arise. During my three years in England, I followed F1 closely and became dead set on racing in it. F1 is regarded as the highest level of racing with the best drivers in the world and it's very flattering to have that as an opportunity.

  • Danica: I don't think I should be [photographed] nude... ever. You gotta draw the line somewhere. I don't see myself ever wearing less clothing than a swimsuit.

  • Danica: (on which other driver she would like to see in a swimsuit) My teammate Tony Kanaan - he's got a pretty rocking body. He's ripped.

  • Danica: (about the Indy 500) We're going to win this frickin' race, I promise you.

  • Danica: (about men) I need to kick their asses. I need to beat them, belittle them and make them feel small. Trying to run them off the road at 170 mph isn’t sweet and kind.

  • Danica: (about driving on the street) I use my horn more in one day than most people do in their whole lives.

  • Danica: My goal is not to be the first female to do things or to be a poster child or a calendar girl. It's to just win, because everything takes care of itself if you win.

  • Danica: I remember playing cards when I was a kid and ripping them up if I didn't win. If I can't win, I'm not playing anymore.

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  • Danica was ranked #91 in Maxim's Hot 100 Women 2008.

  • In April 2008 Danica stated she would attempt to win an IndyCar title before seriously considering a switch to F1, after media speculation she was ready to switch series.

  • In May 2008 Nick Fry, Honda's F1 Chief Executive, revealed if Danica wanted a test drive they would be open for discussion. Danica, in reply, said she would consider any offers made to her. In June that same year, Nick revealed she would definitely test one of their cars late in the year after the F1 season had finished. The test location will most likely be in Spain at either the Barcelona or Jerez circuit in November.

  • Danica won her first IRL race 20 April 2008, at the Twin Ring Motegi track in Japan.

  • Danica received the Favorite Female Athlete prize at the 2008 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

  • A new (2008) IRL rule requiring the car to meet minimum weight requirements with the driver in it, is called by many the "Danica Rule" since she weighs only 100 lbs, 20 lbs less than the other female drivers, and 35 lbs less than the lightest male driver on the circuit.

  • Danica made her debut as a swimsuit model in the 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Her layout was shot by Photographer Ben Watts.

  • Danica was listed at #95 in Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100 of 2007.

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