Daniel Goddard

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Cane Ashby on The Young and the Restless


8/28/1971, Sydney, Australia

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  • The younger of two children, Daniel Goddard was born in Sydney, Australia, on August 28, 1971. He studied economics and business at the Ensemble Actors Studio. He left without earning a degree with only eight months remaining. He booked some minor roles in local theatre productions before being cast as Eric Phillips in the Australian primetime soap opera Home and Away (1995-1996). Daniel left Australia for Hollywood to pursue a career in acting, and modeled in print ads for Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. Daniel auditioned for the lead role of Dar in BeastMaster and went back to Australia to film the series in May 1999. He learned various fighting skills as well as familiarizing himself with many kinds of animals for this role. After filming on BeastMaster ended in May 2002, Daniel returned to Los Angeles to star in Dream Warrior.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Daniel Richard Goddard



    Birth Place:

    Sydney, Australia

    Also Known As

    Dan Goddard

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    • Daniel: I go home every night and can't believe how lucky I am.

    • (Speaking about the animals on Beastmaster) Daniel: You can't tell a tiger what to do. If a tiger doesn't want to sit in the middle of the scene, it walks away. The trick is to think ahead.

    • (On living in the United States) Daniel: America is one of those countries that allows anybody to do anything if they have the motivation, the drive and the tenacity. It truly is a multicultural melting pot, greater I think than most countries because everybody comes here looking for their dreams and their hopes and trying to find out what it is in life they can do.

    • (In regards to his accent) Daniel: Beastmaster was shot in Australia, but they wanted an American accent. And then The Young and the Restless was shot in America, but they wanted an Australian accent. I have to work on the accent now.

    • (Speaking of his relationship with Jackson Raine) Daniel: I didn't want to get to know Jackson before we started shooting because I thought that on scene, you'd see they know each other where they don't know each other.

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    • Daniel was named the #1 Sexiest Soapstar on T.V. Guide's Daytime Soaps Sexiest Men of 2008. Daniel's competition was: 2. James Scott (DAYS) 3. Greg Vaaughan (GH) 4. Cameron Mathison (AMC) 5. Joshua Morrow (Y&R) 6. David Fumero (OLTL) 7. Jack Wagner (B&B) 8. Kristoff St. John (Y&R) 9. Austin Peck (ATWT) 10. Jay Kenneth Johnson (DAYS) 11. Jason Thompson (GH) 12. Thad Luckinbill (Y&R) 13. Agim Kaba (ATWT) 14. Aiden Turner (AMC) 15. Daniel Cosgrove (GL) 16. Kyle Lowder (B&B) 17. John-Paul Lavoisier (OLTL) 18. Shawn Christian (DAYS) 19. Brandon Beemer (B&B) 20. John Driscoll (GL) 21. Sterling Sulieman (Y&R) 22. Dylan Bruce (ATWT) 23. Texas Battle (B&B) 24. Darin Brooks (DAYS) 25. Brandon Barash (GH)

    • On Daniel's first day of The Young and the Restless, he first met Doug Davidson, sat beside Peter Bergman in the make up chair and his first scene was with Adrienne Frantz.

    • Rachael, Daniels's wife, is the founder of ‘Le Chic Chick‘, a company that creates lifestyle cards to assist women to tap into their inner strength.

    • Daniel was on an Australian soap called Home and Away, playing Eric Phillips, which he considered to be a cross between Melrose Place meets The Young and the Restless.

    • Daniel enjoys taking photos of the homeless, as he believes they reflect humanity at its rawest.

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