Danny Pino

Recent Role:

Det. Nick Amaro on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


4/15/1974, Miami, Florida, USA

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  • Daniel Pino is an American actor of Cuban descent. He was born on April 15th, 1974 in Miami, FL. Danny has an extensive theatrical background. He even starred opposite Madonna in Up For Grabs in London's West End. He also starred with Billy Crudup in the New York Shakespeare Festival's productions of Measure for Measure and The Winter's Tale. Danny starred in the CBS television drama, Cold Case during it's entire run, ending in 2010. He then joined the cast of Law and Order: Special Victims Unitin its 13th season, playing Detective Nick Amaro. Dannylives in Los Angeles with his wife Lilly, and their two sons, Luca and Julian.



    Birth Place:

    Miami, Florida, USA

    Also Known As

    Daniel Pino

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    • Danny Pino: I have two incredible young men I'm raising. I have a fantastic wife and a family that I always look forward to being with. I'm never far from a playing field of some sort, football or baseball, or the gym. I stay as active as I can. I also write a little bit, I read, and my wife and I go to plays. There is so much to do in New York, it's amazing here. I'm so glad to be back in this city.

    • Danny Pino: (on playing Desi Arnaz in Lucy Growing up seeing Desi, I thought there were Cubans all over Hollywood. I understood that dialogue, everything he said. It wasn't weird to me because that's the way my dad talked.

    • Danny Pino: (on the differences between his characters, Scotty Valens on Cold Case and Nick Amaro on Law & Order: SVU) One of the big differences between the two is, I think Scotty was much more tightly wound. He was much more quick to violence. To lose his patience. He had a shorter fuse than Nick does. Nick is much more of a con man. He's more manipulative. He'll become whatever a person needs in the interrogation room to get to what they need.

    • Danny: (on visiting Cuba, where his family is from) I’ve never been to Cuba. I don’t usually talk about politics but I will about Cuba. I won’t go back to Cuba unless things change on that island politically. My family has suffered a lot because of that government. But I would love to go and explore my roots. However, since my family never went back, I think for me to go back would be disrespectful.

    • Danny: (on performing in the play “Up For Grabs” with Madonna in London) It was a blast. I’ve had the great blessing of doing a lot of stage work, and that was the first time that I actually felt like I was in a concert. Before the curtain went up, you could just hear the crowd outside. It was electric.

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    • In October 2013 Danny teamed with Duracell to present 40,000 high-tech Duracell Quantum batteries to the police and fire departments in his home town of Miami, Florida.

    • The Miami-Dade County Commission declared July 16, 2013 Danny Pino Day in honor of Danny and his contributions to the entertainment industry.

    • Danny earned a Masters of Fine Arts from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

    • Danny was a member of the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon.

    • Danny graduated from Florida International University in 1996.

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