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  • Darren (In response to Katy Perry's reaction to Darren's rendition of "Teenage Dream" on Glee): So Katy Perry tweeted about the song, she said it made her cry. I hope it was like a good cry, instead of a bad cry because it was really bad or something.

  • Darren: There's nothing more badass than being yourself.

  • Darren: (when asked what color he would like to see the world in) Pink. Because it would be really funny. 'Cause then really mean people wouldn't look so mean.

  • Darren: (On the stigma attached to playing an out gay character) Not at all. To be quite honest, that doesn't take up a huge chunk of what really matters about Blaine. After having gotten to know the show a little bit, I was really excited to see that a character like this - such a strong gay character, especially a young, male, out and proud teen - was going to make its way onto network television, much less Fox. This is the first time I'd really seen an out student that was so young and innocent and really struggling with the big ordeal it is to be an out student at such an early age. When other shows present the gay character thing, it's typically been in much more adult situations, like gay men living in New York or closeted men who are married and struggling with that ordeal, but never really the core of the journey of defining your sexuality. Blaine offers a beautiful counter to that and makes such a great addition to the many-coloured palette that is Glee. So as far as me having any reservations about it, no. I read it being like, this would be so cool, whoever gets to play this, it's going to be a great thing for an already great show.

  • Darren: (On Chris Colfer) I mean, I've spent most of my time with Chris, but I've only been there for a short amount of time. I really like Chris a whole lot, we get to geek out a lot of musical theatre things and I think we enjoy a lot of the same things in general. I think both of us strive to be generally fabulous on a day-to-day basis, so that's something I like to relate to Chris about. But I read that Jane said that about him. I don't know – maybe it's because – well, I wouldn't say that he's an 80 year old woman. I'd say he's more of like – he's like a magical creature, like a really fun, magical.. I can't figure out what entity I want to say. Yeah, he's like… man, I'm trying to think of a good creature that's like, awesome. He's like a really playful wood nymph. A wood nymph that's caught in Chris Colfer's body. That's what I would say, because he loves – he's a really positive, playful guy. So wood nymph does it better for me than 80 year old woman. But then again, that might just be a difference in sentiment between me and Jane Lynch, because arguably, they are the same thing. Maybe wood nymphs are, in fact, 80 year old women, maybe that's…

  • Darren: (On his preferred type of performing) I do. No matter what, I will always prefer a live performance. Whether it be a play or a musical, or playing music live. As long as it's live, it's the best because there's sort of an immediacy to connection between an audience and a performer, whereas where you do film or television, you're at the whim of so many different forces. You know, there's a lot of editing and camera work involved, and also you have to wait quite a long time before you see any kind of reaction or connection to what it is that you did on camera. So, yeah, I always prefer doing things live. Between acting and as a musician, I'd say I probably prefer playing my own shows as a musician because that's when you're truly the master and commander of your own ship and it's always fun just playing music with a band, really just actively putting your energy into something that you've created is so much fun. You know, where you don't have a script not to necessarily hold you down, because if the script is good it doesn't really matter. But yeah, so playing music is definitely my preferred mode of transport, as it were.

  • Darren: (On what he does in his spare time) I don't really have spare time. When I have spare time, I start freaking out because I get really antsy because I'm like, "Oh my God, there's so many things I should be working on." Man, oof, I gotta take care of the chores. You know, my laundry, I gotta go to the grocery store, I gotta clean the schmutz off my mirror that I've been trying to get rid of, clean my room – I don't know, try and make my life somewhat less of a mess and a joke of chaos than it is, so that's what I do in my spare time. But when I'm not working on Glee, certainly I'm spending all my time working on the next show that we're doing with my company, Starkid Productions, and I'm finishing and developing the music for that.

  • Darren: It's fundamentally crazy. Nothing has really sunk in, partially because when you're doing television, there's a disparity and disconnection. There's no immediacy like in theater when you're doing something and then everyone is experiencing it in real time. When you're doing something like Glee, you do it, you disappear, and then even when I watch alone in my room, it's like I don't feel like this crazy machine that is Glee. The only way I feel like it is when I'm on the phone more, and a couple more meetings more, and busier than I was before. But it's a blessing and the cool thing about being busy with the show is that it's with a character that I really love, I'm really proud of, and capitalize each day so it's busy for a good reason. I'm not like a crazy action villain in a blockbuster movie, it's something that I can gladly take on cause it has to do with something so strong.

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  • Darren, along with the group StarKid Productions, produced, starred in and wrote songs for the YouTube videos "A Very Potter Musical" and its sequel.

  • Darren released his first EP Human which featured five tracks in July, 2010.

  • Darren won the 2010 Greggy Award for role of Blaine on Glee.

  • Darren can play the piano, violin, guitar, kazoo and harmonica.

  • Darren's brother, Chuck Criss, is in the band Freelance Whales.

  • Darren originally auditioned for the role of Finn on Glee before landing the part of Blaine a year and a half later.

  • Darren has a Bachelor in Fine Arts in performance and acting from the University of Michigan.

  • Darren is half Irish and half Filipino.