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  • Dave (from his HBO special): I think every group of black guys should have at least one white guy in it.

  • Dave: I was doing sketches that were funny but socially irresponsible. I felt I was deliberately being encouraged and I was overwhelmed.

  • Dave (From "For What It's Worth"): I was on vacation at Disney World, and everybody kept coming up to me and saying 'Hey, I'm Rick James, b*tch.' I was like, 'Could you not call me a b*tch in front of my kids?'

  • Dave: Whether it means having a show, or a movie, or just being on a stage, I need an avenue to say what I have to say.

  • Dave: I felt in a lot of instances I was deliberately being put through stress because when you're a guy who generates money, people have a vested interested in controlling you.

  • Dave: I was doing sketches that were funny, but socially irresponsible. It was encouraged.

  • Dave: But there was something really serendipitous that was happening, with some kind of energy that things would ultimately just work out, sometimes better than when you plan.

  • Dave: You know you must be doing something right if old people like you.

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  • Dave shattered the L.A. comedy club the "Laugh Factory's" endurance record by taking to the stage for six hours and seven minutes on Sunday, April 15, 2007. The Laugh Factory's club owner said the previous record was three hours and 50 minutes, accomplished earlier this month by Dane Cook.

  • He is very good friends with fellow comedian Mario Cantone, who appeared in the "Ask A Gay Dude" segment on Chappelle's Show.

  • Dave offered beatboxer Rahzel $1,000,000 to "be his iPod."

  • Dave skateboards as a hobby and says he tries to find skateparks in the cities he performs in. He has also made an appearance skateboarding in the Signature Video Magazine Volume 1.

  • Dave once appeared in ads for Right Guard deodorant.

  • Dave (from his Rick James skit): So then he comes in and he says 'Listen, b*tch, ahm Rick James.'

  • Dave Chappelle's Block Party was really filmed in the Fall of 2004.

  • Dave founded "Pilot Boy Productions," which is a television production company that works on shows and standup performances starring Dave.

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