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  • David: When I first started out studying acting I wasn't very well received. I didn't get a lot of positive reinforcement, so I never felt as though I really fit in or had to fit in. Because that need for approval wasn't on my back, I was able to find out what was honest to me in my work. That's the driving force, to find truth in what I'm doing.

  • David: For me, making The Perfect Son was a transformational experience. It changed my course, what I want to do, the kind of work I want to pursue. I cannot deny how much I enjoyed the process of making that film.

  • David: If I was lesbian I would love to go out with Jodie Foster.

  • David: (on the film "The Perfect Son") It was one of the most fulfilling things that I've ever done. And it turned out to be a beautiful film. It was also my favourite kind a story-a story about relationships.

  • David: I don't like Hollywood and everything that it connotes. Humanity gets compromised in Hollywood for the sake of ambition. It's also too hot and dry.

  • David: I think loving and respecting your partner and raising a healthy family makes a successful man.

  • David: (on whether he wants to appear nude in a movie) No, because I wouldn't want to be compared to Ewan McGregor.

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  • David's other TV movie and film credits include Run (1991), Silent Motive (1991), August Winds (1994), I Shot a Man in Vegas (1996), Keeping the Promise (1997), The Perfect Mother (1997), Major Crime (1997), To Love, Honor & Betray (1999), E.D.N.Y. (2003), Finding John Christmas (2003), 10.5 (2004), Bounty Hunters (2005), Rapid Fire (2005), and Murder at the Presidio (2005).

  • His father, David Sr., is British and his mother, Yeta, is Dutch.

  • David took up international relations at the University of British Columbia.

  • If he were to star in a same-sex love story, David imagines David Letterman to be his onscreen partner.

  • Grownups who act like children make David angry.

  • David considers his mother to be the person who inspires him the most.

  • David plays tennis, squash, and soccer to keep himself in shape.

  • When David was in college, he worked on a cable music video show called "Night Vision". He describes that experience as the beginning of his love affair with acting.

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