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  • David Schwimmer: In recent months, I've noticed these little rolls of flesh in places that have always been flat.

  • David Schwimmer: I'm often asked whether Friends has been an albatross around my neck, or whether people only see me as 'Ross from Friends, but I don't ever think negatively about it. Really, that show has been a blessing. It's given me the financial freedom to choose the projects I really want to do.

  • David Schwimmer: (about the pressure of his first movie at the box office) For some reason I'm just not that scared. I realize there's a certain amount of pressure from critical circles and the industry. I feel like I'll be around for a very long time. I've watched the careers of bigger and better stars fade away. But I also think of Tom Hanks and Woody Harrelson.

  • David Schwimmer: (about kissing Jennifer Aniston) It's a job -- someone's gotta do it. The reality is, Jennifer and I can do our job well because we truly are friends. But when the day's over, she goes home to her boyfriend and I go home to a magazine.

  • David Schwimmer: (about Friends) I'm happy that Ross finally ended up with Rachel because he's loved her for so long and I like to think that love should prevail.

  • David Schwimmer: I think that, if the experience is positive, I would say acting on stage is my first love. I say a positive one because a lot of my joy comes from the team I am working with. If everyone is on the same team, it’s a great ensemble, great director, great team of designers, etc., it’s really the best of all experiences. A lot of my pleasure comes not only from great material, a great role, a great audience that night, but a great rehearsal process. I am all about the process. I am really lucky right now. We have an amazing director, Jerry Zaks. There is no ego in the room; just a great bunch of guys

  • David Schwimmer: (about the Caine Mutiny) I really feel humbled by the effort of that generation which many of my relatives were [a part of]. I love the law and the courtroom. I grew up with a kind of love and appreciation for the law.

  • David: (about acting) Relax and be yourself -- as if you'd ever just be standing in front of a camera not talking to anyone! It's very odd.

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  • "Playgirl" readers voted Schwimmer one of 1995's 10 sexiest men.

  • After appearing in a play called “D Girl,” people were astonished he could play someone besides Ross Gellar from “Friends.” He started to take on typecast-breaking roles such as Dr. Kevin Saunders in “Breast Men” and Max Abbit in “Kissing A Fool.”


  • In 2006 Schwimmer played Charlie in the movie Big Nothing.

  • In 2005 David Schwimmer starred in the movie Duane Hopwood, playing the character Duane Hopwood.

  • David won $400,000 in a defamation lawsuit judgment against former charity fundraiser Aaron Tonken. He filed the lawsuit in 2005 after Tonken made tabloid accusations that Schwimmer had refused to attend one of his charity events unless he gave him a pair of expensive Rolex watches.

  • David Schwimmer loves English pubs.

  • David said he will always love Friends because it made him a millionaire.

  • David likes to play softball and basketball.

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