Debra Jo Rupp

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  • Debra: My Brownie troop did a little production. We were flappers doing the Charleston with all the fringe and these huge flowers in our hair, and then we had to turn around, take the flower off, wrap a blanket around our shoulders and become Indians. I couldn't get the flower off and someone took my blanket, so I burst into tears and ran off the stage (my mom found me in the parking lot). I kind of figured it couldn't go downhill from there and, believe me, that's been comforting through the years.

  • Debra: My long-term goal is to build a house back in Massachusetts before I'm too old to shovel snow.

Trivia (13)

  • Debra's first acting job was on the show All My Children she played the character of Sheila.

  • Debra is best known for her laugh.

  • She is 5'4" (1.63 m)

  • She has never been married, though she was once engaged.

  • Debra Jo openly admits that she's an ABC soap opera addict.

  • Debra played Rosy Marconi in the 2004 film The Act, Sylvia in the 2006 film Kickin It Old Skool, Edith in the 2006 film Spymate, she also played a nice lady in the 2005 movie Jackson, Barbara in the 1997 film Clockwatchers, Viv Rushton in the 1996 film Reasons of the Heart, Psychiatric Patient in the 1992 film Death Becomes Her.

  • Debra's pets are her two silky terriers named McCallister and McPheeters.

  • Debra quit smoking in 2000. This caused her to gain 25 pounds.

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