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  • DeForest Kelley: Gene (Roddenberry) changed the course of everyday life in the cast, and he's also changed the lives of God-knows-how-many thousands of other people who view what he's done. I think that will continue to happen for some time to come.

  • DeForest Kelley: (On his early career.) I liked Westerns for two reasons: First, it took the actor outside. They were all very physical at that time and not limited to a stage. Second, they paid my rent an awful lot.

  • DeForest Kelley: Star Trek fans are the most devoted group of people and contrary to what people think, they don't have antennae coming out of their heads.

  • DeForest Kelley: I'd wanted to become a doctor and couldn't and yet I became the best-known doctor in the galaxy.

  • DeForest Kelley: The most important influence in my childhood was my father.

  • DeForest Kelley: I value friendship very highly, and I am affected to a greater extent than most by any betrayals along those lines.

  • DeForest Kelley: I have deep feelings for the welfare and comfort of others.

  • DeForest Kelley: I have no aspiration whatsoever to be the next great leading man.

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  • DeFroest was 5'10" tall.

  • Kelley played a medic in the movie The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit and unbeknownst to him coined his famous catch phrase "He's dead Captain".

  • DeForest is the only one of the original Star Trek cast members never to write an autobiography.

  • In May of 2009, ten years after his passing, Kristine M Smith, DeForest Kelley's former personal assistant released the book "A Harvest of Memories" which celebrates the late actor's enduring legacy.

  • Prior to his passing in 1999, he had insisted that his immortal catch phrase of "He's dead, Jim" NOT be written on his tombstone.

  • His passing was memorialized during the 51st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards "In Memoriam" tribute.

  • His star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard.

  • Although DeForest was best known for playing Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy on Star Trek, he had played in a considerable number of westerns on television and the silver screen for over 20 years before boarding the USS Enterprise.

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