Demet Sahan

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White Room Housemate [Series 7] on Big Brother (Australia)

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  • Demet Sahan was born in 1981. She is a professional belly dancer with a Turkish background. She turned twenty-six during her time in the Big Brother house. On Day 11, Demet entered the house officially after she was voted in by the Big Brother housemates. Demet was seen as being hypocritical for lying during a heated argument involving her, Hayley, Andrew, Emma, Nick, Zoran and (very briefly) Susannah on Day 22. She became the fourth housemate to be evicted by public voting on Day 29 with 65% of the merged vote. Her favourite restaurant to dance at was Golden Terrace Restaurant.

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    Demet Sahan



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    • Demet: (on fellow "Big Brother" housemates, Hayley and Andrew) I can't stand them. It was not just the fact they could protect each other from nominations but also how they would eavesdrop in everybody's conversation, and take a little bit here and there and change it around and make other people look sad and stupid. The house couldn't understand why I gave Andrew the baking chores rather than janitor or dishwasher. They were all asking me why I did that, and I just thought, 'Why fall down to his level?' I wasn't going to lower myself like him.

    • Demet: (on fellow "Big Brother" housemates, Emma and Aleisha) I would definitely hang out with them on the outside world. Anyone could hang out with Aleisha and even though Emma was seen as a devil I found her so easy going. I know people outside the house couldn't stand her but I suppose you really have to live with a person to know.

    • Demet: (asked if she had a secret code to show her fiance she was thinking of him) No I didn't think of one, but even if I did it wouldn't have been aired. I kissed his photo and said hi every morning but he never saw it. They just want to show the drama.

    • Demet: (asked if she abstains from alcohol due to her Muslim upbringing) That's got nothing to do with it at all. It's just that I don't like taking substances in my body. I'm very conscious of this. Even if I have a massive headache it takes a lot for me to take that one Panadol. So drinking is just not something I take part in. I'm already out of my shell so I don't need some alcohol to bring me out.

    • Demet: (on "Big Brother" himself in 2007) I think Big Brother is really, really angry this time around. I wanted to know what we had done wrong to have been put in the White Room. I was always assuming it was this or that I'd done wrong. I knew he had something up his sleeves this year.

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    • Demet participated in a pantomine on the season finale of Big Brother. She performed a belly dancing routine.

    • Demet is engaged, with a wedding scheduled for October 2007.

    • Demet caused shockwaves while in the Big Brother house, when she was befriended by Hayley and Andrew, and then reported back to the rest of the house on the backstabbing that had taken place. Fractions were immediately created within the house that lasted throughout the remaining season.

    • Demet often performed belly dancing routines for her fellow housemates while in the Big Brother house.

    • Demet is of Turkish heritage.

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