Demian Bichir

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Detective Marco Ruiz on The Bridge


8/1/1963, Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico

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  • Mexican actor Demián Bichir, popularly known by cable television fans as Esteban Reyes on the Showtime dark comedy-drama Weeds, was born into a family of well-known actors. As a child, he was immediately exposed to the world of theater and film thru his parents' profession. At age 14, Demián already made his television debut in the Mexican telenovela Rina. Until his early twenties, he would continue to portray various roles in telenovelas such as Vivir enamorada and Guadalupe. Bichir would also eventually venture into theater acting along with his brothers. In 1983, he made his unremarkable debut on American television by playing Armando in the TV movie Choices of the Heart, which starred Helen Hunt and Martin Sheen. During the next couple of decades, Bichir became one of the busiest and sought-after actors in Mexico, working in dozens of films including the box office record-breaking Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas, a Mexican erotic drama in the late '90s. In 2001, Demián appeared alongside Salma Hayek in a Mexican-American co-production, In the Time of the Butterflies. While he played a supporting role in the Showtime telemovie, it marked his first significant breakthrough in the US entertainment business. Apart from his work on television and in film, Bichir was also famous for gracing the Mexican stage. In 2006, he and one of his brothers adapted the play Stone in My Pocket, in which they each portrayed seven characters. He then made his debut at the renowned Geffen Playhouse in 2008 by performing the role of Arturo opposite Shannon Cochran in the two-character play By the Waters of Babylon. That same year, Steven Soderbergh tapped him to portray Fidel Castro, one of the most prominent political figures of the 20th century, in the film Che, with Benicio Del Toro as the title character. With growing recognition from American and international audiences alike, he was cast in his first series regular role on US television as Esteban Reyes, a ruthless drug cartel head, the charitable mayor of Tijuana, and the passionate lover of Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) on Weeds.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Demián Bichir Nájera



    Birth Place:

    Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico

    Also Known As

    Damián Bechir, Demián Bichir

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    • Demian: Fidel Castro has done marvelous things for me. Ever since I got the offer to play Castro by Steven [Soderbergh], things have been happening for me here (in the U.S.).

    • Demian: Growing up in Mexico, my background's in theater and films. You start trying to expand as much as you can. That's how me and my brothers got to do a lot of films in other countries - Spain, Colombia, Bolivia.

    • Demian: (about his thoughts on playing Fidel Castro in a film) I came in thinking what a beautiful chance for any actor. What a blessing to play a character larger than life. And what a great responsibility and pressure it is, too.

    • Demian: One wants to think that--and this is really a stupid thought--that through your art or whatever you do as an actor you can actually affect someone else's lives and thoughts or whatever.

    • Demian: (on making the film "Che") I did a lot of research to play Castro; I read and watched and listened to whatever I could; I worked with a vocal coach; it was basically breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me. But I'm pleased. When I saw the film, I told my girlfriend that I didn't recognize me at all.

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    • Bichir was a recipient of the prestigious Ariel Award for Best Actor in Mexico and was also awarded a medal by the cultural commission in Mexico City for his contribution to and distinction in the arts.

    • Demian has been dividing his time between Los Angeles, California and Mexico City. (2008)

    • Bichir was invited to be a jury member for the LALIFF, Malaga, and Ibiza Film Festivals.

    • He considers his playing the role of Fidel Castro in Che to be his biggest acting challenge to date (2009).

    • Demian comes from an acting family. His father, Alejandro Bichir, is a theater director while his mom, Maricruz Najera, is an actress. His brothers Odiseo and Bruno are popular actors in Mexico.

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