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  • Denholm Elliott: (About his role in Rising Damp) I am the cad, the scrounger. Despite that, I do expose each character's weaknesses or secrets. They kick me out but are left facing each other with their skeletons no longer locked in the cupboard. I enjoyed it. It was an excellent part.

  • Denholm Elliott: When it's a minor or supporting role, you learn to make the most of what you're given. I can make two lines seem like Hamlet.

  • Denholm Elliott: I don't think of myself as a hero. I've always been drawn to parts that have a rich and somewhat shady character.

  • Denholm Elliott: I like actors - such as Margaret Rutherford and Peter Lorre - who aren't afraid to over-act like real people. When I take a job I can always come up with ten different ways of doing the part. But I'll always choose the flashiest one. You've got to dress the window a bit,

Trivia (17)

  • Denholm Elliott won the Peter Sellers Award for Comedy in 1985.

  • Denholm Elliott was number 33 on the Top 100 Stars of the 1980s list.

  • Denholm Elliott won the award for Best Actor at the International Mystery Film Festival of Cattolica in 1986 for Defence if the Realm.

  • Denholm Elliott's stage debut was in The Drunkard at the Playhouse in Amersham in 1945.

  • Denholm Elliott had two children, both from his second marriage, a son Mark and a daughter Jennifer who committed suicide in 2003.

  • Denholm Elliott spent his honeymoon with Susan driving through France in his Mercedes SL 190 convertible, via Barcelona, to Ibiza.

  • Denholm Elliott made his film debut in Dear Mr. Prohack in 1949.

  • Whilst incarcerated in a POW camp during WWII Denholm Elliott formed a theatrical group, the No Name Players, to entertain the other POW's and keep up morale.

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