Dennis Haysbert

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  • Dennis: (On his role as David Palmer in the TV Series 24) I felt like the president. I went around the world and the reception was always that of a dignitary.

  • Dennis: (on his role in Major League) He's one of my favorite characters. He's alive in the hearts of teens and ball players.

  • Dennis: (on success) I always thought things would end up pretty much the way they are right now, but I thought it would happen a whole lot earlier. I dreamt well, and those dreams are starting to come to fruition.

  • Dennis: (on his character on the TV series 24 opening the publics mind to a possible black President of the United States) As far as the public is concerned, it did open up their minds and their hearts a little bit to the notion that if the right man came along, I do believe Barack Obama is the right man, that a black man could be president of the United States.

  • Dennis: (on being asked to run for president, following his role as President David Palmer on the TV series 24) I've lost track of how many times people have asked me to run for president.

  • Dennis: (on being named Grand Marshal of Allstate 400 at the Brickyard) As a huge NASCAR fan, I am excited about Allstate's sponsorship of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. And I'm equally excited and honored to be selected as the Grand Marshal of one of NASCAR's premier races.

  • Dennis: (on staring down a barrel of a gun) I was buying a coffee in a pastry shop in Hollywood. Suddenly, an armed robber burst through the back door, demanding money. He was wielding a .57 Magnum, nobody argues with one of those, you just freeze and do as you're told.

  • Dennis: (on fascination with movies and television from an early age) I used to watch and was fascinated with movies and television shows. It wasn't until I was finishing up junior high school that the interest really peaked. I saw a couple of plays and they weren't very good. I just thought if those guys could get up there and do it, I could. I had always been an athlete, but with acting there was a calling and I said, 'I got to do this.' It was about emotional fulfillment.

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  • Dennis works out almost every day. He plays basketball, baseball, golf and racquetball. He relaxes by practicing martial arts, reading and cooking.

  • When Dennis was asked during an interview what would have been President David Palmers campaign slogan had he really been running for presidency, he replied: people first.

  • Dennis's father is a Catholic and his mother a Baptist. They were raised as Baptists but had a lot of Catholic upbringing (such as fish on Fridays and no birth control).

  • Dennis was such a good fencer at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts that he was invited to train for the U.S. Olympic Fencing Team.

  • Dennis is backing the Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama. Dennis believes that his character on the TV Series 24 is partly responsible for opening America's mind to a black commander in chief.

  • Dennis's sister, Rita Haysbert, is a teacher.

  • Dennis's father, Charles Haysbert Sr., served as a temporary police officer in San Mateo, California before becoming sheriff at the San Francisco airport.

  • Dennis became the first civilian diver to investigate a midget submarine sunk by a single cannon shot. He also investigated the USS Arizona, the USS Saratoga and the Nagato, which is the ship from which Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto planned the attack on Pearl Harbor. Dennis had to dive 160 feet below the surface with a special mask. In order to talk, Dennis has to turn off his air and then turn it back on again.

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