Dichen Lachman

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Tani Tumrenjack on Last Resort


2/22/1982, Kathmandu, Nepal

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  • Dichen Lachman comes from an Australian and Tibetan background. She lived in Nepal until she was 7, when she and her family moved to Adelaide, Australia. She attended Norwood Morialta High School and Annesley College in Adelaide .Dichen's mother, Tashi, runs a successful travel agency in Adelaide; and her father, Chris, works as a detective in the South Australian Police Force. In 2005, Dichen Lachman got her big break with her first television role as a regular cast member on the hit Australian series Neighbours, as Katya Kinski.

    Birth Name:

    Dichen Lachman



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    Kathmandu, Nepal

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    • Dichen: (On filming Neighbours versus her work in films) Very different! Neighbours shoots 25 minutes a day, on a film you might do 4 minutes if you're lucky.

    • Dichen: (About starting on Neighbours) Everything was kind of frantic. My grandfather, Gus, who was very dear to me, died two weeks after I started. I was moving, a relationship I was in was seeing its final days, in a very ugly fashion, and everything was kind of overwhelming. But in the end, my grandfather had a long and very happy, content life. The relationship should have ended anyway, and I needed the challenge of Neighbours for my own personal growth... So, even though I miss my dear grandfather, I still consider it was a very significant and important part of my life and I am lucky to have experienced it.

    • Dichen: (On her first day on Neighbours) I remember thinking 'this is really strange'. It was very weird working with people that I felt I already knew in a strange way. Growing up watching these people, then being in the same room as them, working with them was a bizarre feeling. I was also very nervous because I didn't have much experience and took a while to settle in and get used to all the technical side of things.

    • Dichen: (On her "Neighbours" co-stars) Caitlin [Stasey] and Matt [Werkmeister] I love like they were my blood. I miss them so much, I wish I could take them everywhere with me.

    • Dichen: (On entering an already established cast on "Neighbours") [It was] very comforting because it is like joining a family. I loved it! It was one of the best experiences of my life and the friends I made there will be friends forever, especially Caitlin (Rachel Kinski) and Matt (Zeke Kinski), they were my two shining stars.

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    • Dichen is most proud of the first scenes of Neighbours that she shot with Dan O'Connor.

    • In a 2008 interview with podcast The Soap Show, Dichen mentioned that she loved England when she visited and hoped to return there and eventually to Australia.

    • Dichen's first movie role was in 2005's Safety in Numbers in which she played a News Reporter.

    • Dichen is good friends with her Neighbours co-stars Dylan Timmins, Caitlin Stasey and Matt Werkmeister.

    • Dichen would like to work with Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Monica Bellucci.

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