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  • Benedict: (On how quickly things changed after Battlestar Galactica was cancelled) The funny thing was, I went from being a big TV star on the lot, with my own parking space, my own table in the commissary, to a complete nobody! When I went to get my stuff, they wouldn't let me on the lot. I said to the gate guy, 'Hey, Scotty! it's me! I just want to get my things.' He said, 'You don't have a pass!' So, I had to make all these calls just to get my toothbrush! That's Hollywood. Boom! From star to forgotten actor.

  • Dirk Benedict: (on the A-Team) I enjoyed it immensely. By nature I'm terribly serious, so as an actor I tend to want to be silly. It was a comedic show, almost like a cartoon. We just had to hang on to enough reality to make it possible for adults to watch it. The actors I worked with, especially Mr. T and Dwight Schultz were very funny people. It was pretty much four years of laughter.

  • Dirk Benedict: I am funny by my own rights, I don't need jokes.

  • Dirk Benedict: I usually have to go out with two or three girls because they wear out.

  • Dirk Benedict: When the ship is sinking and someones having great time and happy about it, you throw them overboard.

  • Dirk Benedict: (On the new Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck) People kept asking me about Starbuck being a girl and I finally wrote what I thought for a British magazine called Dreamwatch. It was called Starbuck: Lost In Castration, and a lot of people got really angry -- 'this chauvinist pig, this angry bitter old actor, how dare he?' It was about why you can't have a character like Starbuck in a show today -- a cigar-smoking, drinking, womanizing lovable scoundrel. The feminist movement got rid of those guys. In the war against masculinity, the only way that character could work was to make him a woman.

  • Dirk Benedict: Generally speaking, actors are allowed NO input. Actors are dumb.

  • Dirk Benedict: Dialogue is my forte. Whether that is because I am an actor or merely talented in that regard I have no idea. Nor do I care. When I write, I always feel like I am just taking dictation-following the characters around and writing down what they say.

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  • When Dirk was 18 years old, his father was shot and killed by his brother Roy when he found their father brutally beating their mother. Neither of them will discuss the incident when asked.

  • Dirk states his trademark portrayal of Starbuck as a cigar smoking pilot almost got him fired. Studio executives felt that smoking cigars would put people off. It was not until girls all across America began sending him cigars that the stuido embraced the idea.

  • Dirk Benedict states that he played the role of Starbuck similar to the way James Garner was playing Jim Rockford, of the Rockford Files, a reluctant hero.

  • Dirk is a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

  • At the height of his Battlestar Galactica fame, Dirk received a number of death threats and had his car and home vandalised. This forced him to have two burly minders protect him. They would accompany him everywhere, even on a date.

  • Dirk grew up in White Sulphur Springs, a small town in Montana where he learned fishing, hunting and other sports.

  • Mr. Benedict co-starred in the television movie, Earthstorm, with Stephen Baldwin (2006).

  • In 1998, Benedict learned that he also has another son, John (born 1968), from a youthful relationship.

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