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  • (Speaking of Star Trek: Enterprise) Dominic Keating: It's the end of an era for the franchise, that's for sure. It's the end of producer Rick Berman's stint.

  • (Speaking of Star Trek: Enterprise) Dominic Keating: I'm disappointed. I would have done three more series probably - I would certainly have done two. We signed for seven, so we're three short of what we signed for. I loved going to work, to be honest, I really did. Lovely camaraderie and great crew and just regular employment with a nice cheque at the end of every 10 days. Can't beat it with a short stick.

  • (Speaking of the probability of a future Star Trek movie) Dominic Keating: There is talk about a Star Fleet Academy movie, but I think they got burnt badly on Nemesis, all things considered.

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  • Another independent film Keating appeared in was 2001's The Hollywood Sign. Star Trek: Generations actress Jacqueline Kim (Demora Sulu) co-starred in this film, and Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) also made an appearance.

  • He was among several Trek actors who appeared in the 1999 independent film The Auteur Theory. Others who appeared in this film include Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Armin Shimerman (Quark), Star Trek: Voyager star Garrett Wang (Harry Kim), and Paula Malcomson. The latter would go on to appear in ENT: "Silent Enemy, portraying Madeline Reed - the sister to Keating's Malcolm Reed.

  • He is the only child his parents ever had.

  • He was among several Trek actors who appeared in the 1999 independent film "The Auteur Theory".

  • He attended at Uppingham School.

  • His first stage performance was in primary school, playing a cripple in "The Ragged School".

  • His grandfather, a brigadier, was awarded an OBE from King George VI.

  • His father was Irish and his mother English.

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