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  • Dominic: I've been heartbroken once, (but) I look at it as an occupational hazard. If you are in the meat market, at some point you're gonna get mad cow disease.

  • Dominic: (on his character, Charlie, being written out of “Lost“ as a hero) I was pretty passionate about that. I was pretty gung-ho about: If I’m gonna go, If that’s how it’s gonna be, then I have to go out like a hero. If they kill me, and it’s for a great reason and it’s a great episode that is significant, then that’s completely cool.

  • Dominic: (on his “Lost” character, Charlie) He's a beautiful guy, Charlie, but he's a victim, and I've never really seen myself as a victim. I have a lot of sentimental care over him because I think he's a guy who's trying to make things right, but I didn't really understand a lot of the decisions that he made. If it was me I think I'd probably be spending more time on my own, and I'd probably be a little bit more savvy about this group. Charlie just seems to be in need of help all the time, he's a bit of a weakling, he's a cry-baby.

  • Dominic: (on Charlie, the character he portrays on “Lost“) Charlie is just quite different from me. He doesn't speak like I would speak, he doesn't say the things I would say, he certainly doesn't make the decisions that I would make, he hasn't lived the life that I would live.

  • Dominic: The make-up artist on Lost said I was easily the most abused actor on the show. I've been beaten up, blown up, I've been a drug addict and I've been in a real mess so it was good to have that prize - the most beaten up actor on the show.

  • Dominic: My mum and dad just loved the fact that I fooled around. They just embraced it. They'd always kind of enjoy it, and they liked it when I made them laugh.

  • Dominic: I'd always be the kid up singing and dancing and telling jokes and fooling around, and high energy. I must have been a nightmare for my parents.

  • Dominic: I was the class clown, so I was used to performing and fooling around in front of my friends.

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  • Dominic appeared in Eminem's music video Love the Way You Lie, featuring Rihanna. Actress Megan Fox also appeared in the video, playing Dominic's love interest in a rocky relationship.

  • Dominic bought a forest in India to help protect the environment.

  • Dominic kept a pair of the latex Hobbit feet used in Lord of the Rings.

  • Dominic kept three pet chameleons during the filming of Lost, one for each of the seasons he was in. He let all of them go at the end of each year.

  • Dominic enjoys pulling pranks. Once on the Lost set, he had the show’s medic call co-star Josh Holloway, telling him to come to the set since he was a suspect in a “herpes outbreak.”

  • Dominic says that getting to play Charlie on Lost was "an amazing blessing."

  • According to Lost makeup guy, Dominic has had more scars than anyone on the show.

  • One way Dominic escapes the paparazzi when they are after him, trying to get a picture, is by going into the library and reading books for hours so they'll get bored and give up.

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