Don Francks

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  • For local TV station TV Saskatchewan he agreed to work as director for a movie called Me & My Friends.

  • With his long hair, he always wears a Bandana.

  • He plays Trombone, Drums and Flute.

  • His two favorite Jazz-clubs in Toronto are the Colonial Tavern and the George's Spaghetti House. He also likes to perform in both of them.

  • Don and his wife enjoy living in the Red Pheasant Indian Reserve near North Battleford, Saskatchewan (Canada).

  • His musical Kelly (1965) where he played the leading role and performed as lead singer lasted only one night.

  • His nickname in the radio is Don Francksinatra.

  • In 1943, as eleven year old, he performs his first theater play called The Willow Pattern Plate.

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