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  • Don S. Davis: (about his Stargate SG-1 character, General Hammond) Hammond, like all of the recurring characters in the series, became more understanding, flexible and committed to the individual members of SG-1 and Stargate Command as the years went on. This is simply a reflection of life itself. The longer we as individuals remain increasingly involved with a given group, the more intensely invested and protective we become.

  • Don S. Davis: (about art) I'm basically a visually oriented person. I'm eclectic in my visual tastes and any object, natural or manmade, that strikes my fancy at any moment interests me. In my own work I paint, draw, carve, model or build whatever form or type of image in whatever style or medium that happens to reflect my mood at any given time.

  • Don S. Davis: (about funny incidents on the Stargate SG-1) You know, most of my humourous memories I can't talk about because they're about things it would makes my friends...everybody knows that Chris Judge, who plays Teal'c, has a flatulence problem, so you know you can't talk about that but most of the memories I have. We were so close during the seven years, there were just crazy things happening, a lot have gotten divorced...several got divorced and several others had babies. I went through a very 'messy' divorce. I had some health problems; I had to replace some of my organs, so it was quite a period.

Trivia (23)

  • Don S. Davis went on to serve in the US army, and upon leaving his duties had achieved the rank of Captain

  • Although Peter Williams was the main recurring guest star on Stargate SG-1 for four years, he and Davis only shared a scene in three episodes: "Children of the Gods", "Serpent's Song" and "Point of View".

  • Like his Stargate SG-1 co-star Corin Nemec, he enjoys drawing and painting.

  • After completely his three years of active service in the US army, he entered the University of Southern Illinois, in Carbondale, Illinois.

  • When he was a young boy, his father owned a lumberyard.

  • He received his Masters Degree in theatre in 1970.

  • He was a frequent co-star of Jerry Wasserman.

  • He frequently played golf.

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