Drew Fuller

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2nd Lt Trevor LeBlanc on Army Wives


5/19/1980, Atherton, California, USA

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  • Drew Fuller was first discovered by an agent when he was 12 years old after a family friend put him on the cover of UCLA magazine. Four years later, Drew entered the modeling world and quickly became a top model for prestigious companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Prada and Club Med. His good looks helped him make the transition to commercials easily and he appeared in numerous commercials including J. Crew, Subway, and Toyota. He even appeared in a Pepsi commercial opposite Britney Spears. He is best known for his roles as Chris Halliwell in Charmed and Trevor LeBlanc on Army Wives.

    Birth Name:

    Andrew Alan Fuller



    Birth Place:

    Atherton, California, USA

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    • Drew: The dream would be to work with my two favorite actors, Daniel Day Lewis and Cate Blanchett. Or playing Joaquin Phoenix's brother in a film. Basically anything where I get to act opposite actors like these; ones who bring a certain caliber to their work and literally morph into the character they are playing. I believe if you act with people who are better than you, it's only going to make you better.

    • (Drew's advice to an aspiring actor) Drew: I'd say if this is something you really want to do, realize that it takes full dedication. It means dropping whatever you are doing, becoming fearless and moving to a city like Chicago, New York or Los Angeles. Take classes and surround yourself with other actors. Be affected by the energy that these cities bring to you. It also involves following through with your dreams. We're all on this planet for such a short time, it would be a shame to, at 60 years old, look back and say, "I wish I had done that."

    • Drew: Family, to me, is most important, and I can't wait to have one of my own, but I am not going to rush into it. I don't want to get a divorce. I want to take my time, do it once and get it right.

    • (On being an actor) Drew: It's incredible. I think I have the best job on the planet. We get paid to play and entertain. It's also my form of therapy and release. I love being able to dive into new characters.

    • (About what he did during the writers' strike) Drew: Well, what happened was, at first I'm having a blast, going to the beach, riding motorcycles, going to museums - just doing everything I can to live my days and have fun, but I felt like I was lacking some purpose. I had so much time on my hands, and nothing was happening with the acting thing because the strike was going on, and I wasn't really sweating it because I knew I was coming back to the show. So, I got back into [acting] class just to kinda keep that muscle in shape. As much as I dislike class, I think it's really good to always keep your instrument in tune, so to speak.

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    • In 2007 Drew appeared in Writer Boi, the pro-WGA strike video on youtube.

    • Drew stopped modeling when he realized that he was just doing it for the money and that his real passion was acting.

    • Drew only had two jobs prior to acting: gift wrapper at a surf shop during Christmas time and stringing the rackets for his tennis team.

    • Drew is attracted to women who are spontaneous, intelligent, funny, athletic and down for whatever.

    • Drew considers Charmed ex co-star Rose McGowan, one of the smartest individuals he has ever met in his life.

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