Elisa Jimenez

Trivia and Quotes

Trivia (9)

  • Her fashion must is a pair of vintage boots.

  • Her favorite designers are Erte, Jean Cocteau, Madame Gris, Zaldy and Norma Kamali.

  • She attended the University of Arizona, Tucson.

  • Elisa's biggest influence are her parents.

  • Elisa was previously accepted for the first season of Project Runway but she did not pursue it because of personal reasons.

  • If She was a fabric she would be a silk jersey scented with sweet oils.

  • If Elisa could dress someone dead or alive she would have dressed Martha Graham.

  • Elisa's five must-have clothing items.
    Great pair of jeans. Boots. A favorite t-shirt. Easy dress that looks great. Something from someone you love.

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