Elisabeth Shue

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  • (when she was asked if she was exposed to feminism) Elisabeth: My mom had started to go to work when I was nine or ten, so I was aware of women trying to find their own identities by working. But I was still influenced by men to such an extreme. I wanted to play their games and wanted to compete in their world and be like them.

  • (about what attracted her to acting) Elisabeth: I used to have a very political answer to that question. I'd say it was a way to make money to pay for my education. And now, after years of therapy, I see it was a desperate need to express my own individuality. Growing up with three boys in a heavily male-dominated world, I especially needed to express myself as a woman.

  • (about how she was in her childhood) Elisabeth: I don't know if that's really true. Sometimes when I read about my rebellion in print it sounds a little overrated.

  • Elisabeth: I may look like the girl next door, but you wouldn't want to live next door to me.

  • (about the 1988 movie 'Cocktail') Elisabeth: If I'd known that it was just going to be about these guys throwing drinks around then I might have had some second thoughts...

Trivia (29)

  • During her career, Elisabeth played two characters with last name McKay: Linda McKay in Hollow Man and Molly McKay in Molly.

  • Elisabeth has three sons/daughters: Miles William, Stella Street and Agnes Charles.

  • Elisabeth is married to Davis Guggenheim, a director of TV series and movies.

  • Elisabeth grew up in New Jersey, in Bergen and Essex counties.

  • Elisabeth starred as a grown woman with Autism who sees the world with a child-like innocence in 1999's Molly. After her brother urges her to participate in an experimental treatment, her Autism is gone, but her innoncence remains.

  • Elisabeth was cast as a mother that reveals her dark past to her teenaged daughter in the 2001 ABC movie Oprah Winfrey Presents: Amy and Isabelle.

  • Elisabeth played Linda McKay, a United States Government scientist assisting Kevin Bacon with his top secret research project to unlock the secrets of invisibility, in 2000's The Hollow Man. During filming, she injured her Achilles tendon, causing a two month delay in production.

  • Elisabeth shattered her 'girl next door' image in 1995, when she was cast as Sera, an abused prostitute with a heart of gold that befriends an alcoholic on the road to destruction, played by Nicolas Cage, in Mike Figgis' Leaving Las Vegas.

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