Ellen Albertini Dow

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  • Ellen: There's nothing like beginnings.

Trivia (10)

  • Ellen is of Caucasian descent.

  • Ellen has been trained to mime by Jaques Le Coq and Marcel Marceau, while in Paris.

  • Ellen describes herself as an avid hat collector.

  • As of January 2008, Ellen lives in Los Angeles, California.

  • For thirty years, Ellen taught drama and dance.

  • In 2002, Ellen appeared in a television commercial for Double Delight Oreo cookies.

  • In 1999, Ellen was nominated for a Razzie Award at the Razzie Awards in the category of Worst Supporting Actress for her role in the 1998 film 54.

  • Ellen was married to Eugene Dow from 1950 until October 11, 2004, the date of his death.

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