Ellen Muth

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George Lass on Dead Like Me


3/6/1981, Milford, Connecticut, USA

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  • Ellen was born 6 March 1981 at the Milford, Connecticut, USA.

    Her father, Dr. Erich Muth, was national optician of the year, has an entire museum named after him, has written numerous optical books which he donates the profits to The Erich Muth Scholarship, and there is a section in the Smithsonian Museum donated by him.

    Her mother, Rachel Muth, helped make it possible for Ellen to be an actress, by taking her to all her auditions until she was 18, but Ellen became interested in acting much earlier, as a child, and started studying to be an actor at age 10. At 14, she received acclaim starring as the young Selena in the Stephen King-based film, "Dolores Claiborne" starring Kathy Bates and Jennifer Jason Leigh. After "Dolores Claiborne", Muth appeared on stage in the off-Broadway production "Nine Armenians", before taking time off from acting to finish school. Since then she has been seen in such features as "Rain" written and directed by Katherine Lindberg, and A "Gentleman's Game", directed by J. Mills Goodloe. She got her first starring role as Constance in "The Young Girl and the Monsoon", which earned her the AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival Best Actress Award in 1999. She also was awarded as best supporting actress at the Japanese Film Festival for "Dolores Claiborne". On TV she has credits which include two episodes of "Law & Order", the television movies "Two Against Time" and "The Truth About Jane". She also appeared in the miniseries "Superfire" and "Only Love".

    Her latest work was on the series Dead Like Me. She played girl which was killed by the toilet seat which fall from Russian space station and made her not actually dead. She became a Grim Reaper and her work is to follow souls of the dead people to the heaven.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Ellen Anna Muth



    Birth Place:

    Milford, Connecticut, USA

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    • Ellen: (on how she is different from her character Georgia Lass) I'm not as bitter as she is. I don't blame people as often as she does. I take responsibility for my actions more than she does.

    • Ellen: I feel most comfortable playing and creating characters who are least like myself.

    • Ellen: (on the show Dead Like Me ending) I was really upset. The script, back when I read it during the pilot, it was the kind of role where you read the script and you say, "This is so unique and so different and so dynamic. I can go in so many different directions with this character. It's too good to be true for me to actually get it." And then I got the role and it was so upsetting to have to stop so soon.

    • Ellen Muth: (about atmosphere on the set of "Dead Like Me") Everyone gets along great.It's very rare that you got a cast and crew as close and tight as we are. We're all of different age brackets, so it's not like there's any competition, there's no jealousy or rivalry.

    • Ellen Muth: (About working on 'Dead Like Me') It still hasn't hit me yet because I've had so many disappointments. I never imagined getting a commercial. I thought it was one of those things that is one in a million and that it wouldn't happen to me... It's been an amazing journey.

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    • Ellen is a graduate of Foran Highschool in Milford, CT.

    • Ellen attended Skip Barber Racing School in Connecticut.

    • Ellen has done voice work for animation such as Tofu, The Vegan Zombie.

    • Ellen attended Lee Strasberg School for acting.

    • Ellen attended the 2012 DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia.

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