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  • Ellen Pompeo: When I'm doing a big crying scene, I go to a really dark place inside me. I almost torture myself by drawing on the emotions of my past.

  • Ellen Pompeo: (about filming "Grey's Anatomy") It's gross. We use real brains. I think they're lamb or cow or something. Intestines smell. Brains don't really smell, but what's amazing about the brain is that it's almost like scrambled eggs or soft tofu, almost like a gel. The brain controls so much of what we do, but you could put your finger right through it.

  • Ellen Pompeo: (about fame) The trap is when you start to pay attention to that stuff and care, because in six months, they're going to be looking at someone else. You know how fickle everyone is. They love it, then they hate it, then they love it. So I'm going to enjoy it because it could be over at any minute.

  • Ellen Pompeo: (about the perks of her job) Several members of my family have been admitted to the hospital since the show started, and when they feel like the treatment isn't good enough, they say, "Do you know who my niece is?" And suddenly they're in the VIP area, getting pedicures in bed!

  • Ellen Pompeo: It's pretty remarkable how many people the show touches... I think we are very lucky in that way so, I love when the fans come up to us because they usually have really interesting stories. We are very grateful to the fans, we would have no show without them, you know? You could have the best writing in the world, and you could have the best acting in the world, but if the fans don't tune in every week, there's no show. So, I think we have them to be the most thankful for.

  • Ellen Pompeo: (About CPR being done on her for Grey's Anatomy) To make it look believable they really have to pump on your chest. And after a while, of course your heart does respond. So my heart, I had, kept having this, like, palpitations. It's making me feel really strange to have people do CPR on me for hours and hours at the time. I don't think it's that great for you. So after the first day, I told Rob, who is directing the episodes, I said "You have to get me some sort of, you know, chest plate". So they got this plastic chest plates. I think they used the ones from, that the girls used for Charlie's Angels. They had 3 sort of busts and I think I got Demi's, and I wore that, under all the blankets so when they were doing CPR on me I didn't really have to feel the impact. So that made things a lot better for me.

  • Ellen Pompeo: (On doing her own stunts)You never know, sort of, when they explain the stunt you say "Oh, that sounds really simple and I can do that, it's no problem. I sort of figured that I was just going to fall back on a mat, you know and that it will look fine. But you feet have to disappear. And you know the guys who come and do the stunts, they know so much about it and they make you feel so safe. So it's just fun, and you get to be on location and do something different.

  • Ellen Pompeo: (About working with Kate Burton) My mother storyline you know, it's so rich. And I have Kate Burton who's extraordinary, and I couldn't ask for a better partner...I already miss my scenes with her. Maybe I'll go to heaven again and see her or something, you never know!

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  • In terms of her very thin frame, Ellen has described herself as a "natural waif." She does have a trainer three days a week to work on building muscle and endurance, and she eats very carefully during the week. However, she claims that she "pigs out" on the weekends, and her favorite splurges include pizza, lasagna, salami, and red wine.

  • When Ellen was a waitress, she would make sure the cigarette machine wouldn't work so that customers had to buy them from her. As the night got longer, and the customers got drunker, Ellen would charge them more and more.

  • Ellen and Brooke Smith (Dr. Hahn, Grey's Anatomy) starred in an episode of Law & Order together in 1996. Ellen played the teenage daughter of Smith's characters client.

  • Ellen was nominated in 2008 for a SAG Award along with her Grey's Anatomy castmates for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

  • Ellen lives in L.A. with her husband, Chris Ivery, and their two dogs.

  • Ellen's first word as a baby was pepperoni.

  • Ellen did the voice over for a commercial for Propel Fitness Water.

  • Ellen's fiance, Chris Ivery, has a drug-dealing past and has served three jail sentences. On this matter, Ellen insists Ivery's past is no surprise to her and has vowed to stand by her man.

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