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  • Emma: (On keeping her Oscars in the toilet) They look far too outrĂ© anywhere else. They're great big, gold, shiny things. They're up there tarnishing quietly along with everything else I own, including my body. It does give people the opportunity to pick them up and play with them in privacy rather than having to say, "Can I hold that?" You'd have to come to my house. There's no posh space. Every space is kind of a family space. I'm surprised my daughter hasn't used them for nefarious purposes actually. They're heavy.

  • Emma: (On putting on the make up for the character Nanny McPhee) This look took an upsettingly short time to achieve. It took longer to get dressed up for bloody Sense and Sensibility.

  • Emma: I was brought up by very witty people who were dealing with quite difficult things - disease and death... I was brought up by people who tended to giggle at funerals.

  • Emma: Having reached 40 this year, if they were going to find someone to play opposite me they'd have to exhume him.

  • Emma: (On plannng a name for her and Greg's child) I've been toying with names like Winston and Clementine, but I don't think they're going to wash.

  • Emma: I place a high moral value on the way people behave. I find it repellent to have a lot, and to behave with anything other than courtesy in the old sense of the word: politeness of the heart, a gentleness of the spirit.

  • Emma: I have a nervous breakdown in the film and in one scene I get to stand at the top of the stairs waving an empty sherry bottle which is, of course, a typical scene from my daily life, so isn't much of a stretch.

  • Emma: If you've got to my age, you've probably had your heart broken many times. So it's not that difficult to unpack a bit of grief from some little corner of your heart and cry over it.

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  • In 2008, Emma joined with the Warrington Peace Centre to invite them to help tackle knife crime in schools.

  • Emma was nominated for SAG Awards in 1996, 2002, and 2004. In 1996, she was nominated for "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role" for Sense and Sensibility. In 2002, she was nominated for "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries" for Wit. In 2004, she was nominated for "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries" for Angels in America.

  • Emma was nominated for an Emmy in 2004 for her work in Angels in America. The category was "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Television Movie or Miniseries".

  • In a recent interview with Jonothan Ross, Emma declared that she would like to make a trilogy of Nanny McPhee films.

  • Emma and Greg have adopted Tindyebwa, a Rwandan teenager who lost his sister and his parents in the genocide.

  • Emma and Greg were married in Dunoon on the Cowal peninsula in Scotland and the couple have a second home there.

  • Emma is a campaigner for the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture and she involved Alone, a London based charity for the homeless.

  • Emma stars in Stranger Than Fiction. This film is Marc Forster's follow-up to Finding Neverland and it's due to be released in November 2006.

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