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  • Eric Szmanda: I remember once seeing Madonna in an interview where she said you have to change your look at least once a year to stay fresh and alive, so I've always done that.

  • Eric Szmanda: I've always been a firm believer that if you work, the rest will follow.

  • Eric Szmanda: Actors go crazy because they spend too much time on their career and don't do anything else. Some guys paint. Some guys run. I prefer to bring good music to the ears of people. I enjoy putting concerts and events together.

  • Eric Szmanda: (On his character Greg Sanders) I was pretty lucky with the last season, going through the whole process of becoming an investigator so I'm just excited to start off this season officially as an investigator and kinda just grow from here. I don't know what really lies in store yet, but I'm sure it'll be good.

  • Eric Szmanda: (About the spin-off CSI series) I watched the first ten minutes of CSI: Miami and I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the two shows and it was kind of frustrating. It was almost like I felt like there was a parody of our lives being made, like they were making a TV show about something that was real. It was too surreal for me to watch it, so I haven't watched either one--either New York or Miami. But there's plenty of room for all of us and I really have no say in what goes on, so I try not to get too upset about it. I guess everyone was afraid in the beginning that it would dilute the success of our show, but I have no doubt in my mind that the fans know who the original one is and the original is always the most popular--even in potato chips!

  • Eric Szmanda: It's been nice to kind of serve the purpose of bringing some kind of comic relief to the show and I plan on continuing that even as I go from the lab out to the field.

  • Eric Szmanda: I think what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

  • Eric Szmanda: (Why he finds working on CSI interesting) To learn something new everyday. I never thought I would be learning about science after college or after high school for that matter. It's kind of a double life for me, that part of the job. I could be doing a sitcom and I'd just be there making dumb jokes, but now I'm making dumb jokes and learning something.

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  • Eric hosts a daily internet show called Secret Fun Time.

  • Eric and Jorja Fox (his co-star on CSI) are members of the Adult Kickball League. Their team is the "Royal Blue Balls".

  • He is currently single.

  • Eric hosted a dinner party for Jorja Fox, Marg Helgenberger, Robert David Hall, and William Petersen.

  • Eric was named one of "The Hot Guys of CSI" (along with Carmine Giovinazzo (NY) and Adam Rodriguez (Miami)) in 2006.

  • He worked for a music distributor before becoming an actor.

  • Eric likes to hike and surf.

  • Eric is of Polish descent.

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