Erik Per Sullivan

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  • Erik: Dewey's character is very... I would say... interesting. But am I like my character? No, not really. Actually, Dewey is actually a little bit cooler than Erik.

  • Erik: Try your hardest... and don´t give up!

  • Erik: I would like to do something with action. An action movie... that would be cool!

  • Erik: I don't know if I'd consider myself famous. But I'm pretty sure other people do. I just continue going to auditions, getting parts, I don't know... I never really expected to become famous. Actually, I never expected to become an actor.

  • Erik: It's not really that hard to stand in front of the cameras. It's pretty easy. It's fun. Sometimes you feel like: "Some people call this work! It´s fun". It's not really that difficult having all the cameras pointing at you. Maybe if you're doing a close-up. It all depends.

  • Erik: Probably Fuzzy in The Cider House Rules was the hardest character, because he is sick and dying and so I had to pretend to be sick the whole time.

  • Erik: I love meeting fans. It is cool to know what do the others think about you.

Trivia (20)

  • He is an only child.

  • Erik was the star of Starsnorths' short film Once Not Far From Home (2003).

  • Erik attends a regular school when he is at home, and a tutor teaches him when he is working.

  • He is an avid reader and has a special interest to all literature relating to World War II.

  • He has a frog named Bubbles, two fishes named Justin and Sushi and a dog named Schnuppi. The dog is named after Charlie Brown's dog, Snoopy.

  • Now he lives in Franklin, Massachusetts.

  • Erik loves to ski, boogy board, build obstacle courses, play games of paintball, and travel by the world.

  • He is learning japanese.

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