Erika-Shaye Gair

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  • (on how she got into acting) Erika-Shaye: I got into acting by accident. A friend of my mom's said that my brother, Luke, and I should be in commercials. She knew a student in her school who had an agent and so she contacted the agent and gave her our name. My mother also had a student in her school who did commercials so we contacted their agent. I started with commercials and this led to auditions and roles in movies.

  • Erika-Shaye: (Thanking her acting coach on the set of Whisper) I would like to thank you for coaching me on the Whisper set. I would like to do it again someday with you because you were a lot of fun. I liked sitting in the shade under the trees with you working on my lines. And remember how you got me to frown by thinking about the horrible fingernail clippers that I liked to hide from my mommy. Love and lots of hugs and squishes.

Trivia (21)

  • Erika-Shaye would really like to meet Dakota Fanning and AnnaSophia Robb.

  • Last year (2006), Erika-Shaye wanted a real pony for Christmas, but would settle for a Gameboy to play while waiting for auditions and such.

  • Erika-Shaye liked doing her first commerical because the clowns in the commercial amused her.

  • Erika-Shaye's parents came up with her name by taking the name of her mom's brother, Shayne, who died in a train accident, and putting it together with the name Erika, that they just liked. Except they shortened "Shayne" to "Shaye" and hyphenated it with Erika. Her parents always wanted her to remember her Uncle Shayne.

  • Last year for Halloween, her and her brother dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy.

  • Erika-Shaye has been in 11 commercials so far.

  • Erika-Shaye has done commercials for Saturn Cars, Mattel, Hasbro, Fisher Price, and Vancouver International Film Festival.

  • Erika-Shaye's dad was in her first commercial with her.

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