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  • Esai: (Talks about Islam) Islam is love, it is peace, it is wisdom, especially if it is safeguarded by true and honest representatives.

  • Esai: (On the American Drug War) I think it's privatizing big bother basically and also it's a way to steal from the population legally infront of everbody's eyes, And do you notice that the war on drugs, the war on cancer, the war on aids, the war on crime, the war on povertry, the war on terror now to me, are all phoney public relations wars meant to justify, but it's taking billions of dollars from the public, they don't address the problem, they don't want to.

  • Esai: (On getting Latinos to vote) We have before us the opportunity to create a truly dynamic society, All we have to do is pick up our heads, pay attention, stand up and be counted. By voting, we demonstrate our duty and rights to participate in the American dream.

  • Esai: (On the movie Fast Food Nation) Certain people don't want to hear where their food comes from, what a great thing that a movie actually deals with this head on, not only what we do to the animals but to the people. We are like the animals that we consume, thats what i feel, i feel like this movie kind of shows in an artistic and in a clever, not beat you over the head to much way how we are not very different or at least the people in that industry are not very different from the quote unquote shit that we consume.

  • Esai: (On getting the role of Major Edward Beck in Jericho) I was reading for another character, Chavez. Before I could even give them an answer they said, "Forget about that, why don't you take a look at Major Edward Beck?" I read this character and I thought wow, what a wonderful role, what a great opportunity. I'd heard a lot of good things about the show, so I was honored and I said yeah. Accepted the role and went right in.

  • Esai: (On focusing his attention) I allow myself to be used to draw attention (to good causes). I think that as an actor there's too much focus paid on 'what we're wearing and who we're doing', quote, unquote. It's just so superficial. It's so empty. It's so fluff entertainment. So I try to take some of that attention and refocus it where it belongs, which is, you know, issue-oriented things.

  • Esai: (On helping the Hispanic community) I'm honored to help the Hispanic community on this issue. I, myself, had a misguided 14th year. I smoked on and off for a few months until I got sick and had to quit. In the end, it's all about personal responsibility.

  • Esai: (On his childhood) As a kid I used to hide my mother's cigarettes. I even took my mother's cigarettes from her purse. I developed the idea of this Public Service Announcement out of that moment. I added a little twist to the (story). You think the boy is stealing from her purse when in fact he is trying to save his mother's life.

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  • Esai's friends have nicknamed him Manny.

  • Esai's TV acting debut was ABC's The Great Love Experiment in 1984.

  • Esai took part in the environmental music festival which was part of America's biggest annual Earth day celebration on the 22nd April 2008 at Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles, attracting over 200,000 people, other venues for the celebration were New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Miami and Dallas.

  • Esai's ex-partner Elizabeth Mazzocchi tried to sue Esai in 2007, claiming he had attacked her, the case was closed and Esai was cleared of all charges on the 7th March 2008 as Elizabeth's claims were found to be false.

  • Esai's parents Iris and Esai got divorced in 1968 when Esai was 6 years of age.

  • Esai is a member of the 2007-2008 national board of directors for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

  • Esai is the vocalist in his self-titled band Esai Morales, other members are guitarist Ted from Los Angeles-based band Leave Us Warm.

  • Esai is currently living in Los Angeles with his two dogs, a golden retriever named Corduroy and a weimaraner named Frankie.

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