Eugene Levy

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  • Eugene: I really enjoyed working on Dumb & Dumberer with Cheri Oteri, maybe because we are both into improvisations. We were meant to act together.

  • Eugene: I love comedy. Playing the underdog, and getting the laughs is my form of entertainment. I could think of nothing different that I would want to be doing at this time in my life.

Trivia (27)

  • Eugene is the creator of the television show Maniac Mansion, that was based on the LucasArts video game with the same title.

  • Eugene won two Canadian Comedy Awards in 2004 for 'Pretty funny writing' & 'Pretty Funny Acting'.

  • Eugene won the 2000 Blockbuster entertainment Award for 'Funniest Supporting Actor in a Comedy' for his role in American Pie.

  • Eugene performed alongside Martin Short, Gilda Radner, and Paul Shaffer in the original cast of Godspell.

  • Eugene appears as the Devil in a commercial for NFL's Seattle Seahawks in 2001.

  • Eugene appears in Queen Latifah's music video Better Than The Rest.

  • Eugene is the only actor to appear in all of the American Pie movies.

  • Eugene was nominated for a Golden Razzie Award for 'Worst Supporting Actor' for his role in Cheaper By The Dozen II.

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