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New York City, New York, USA

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  • Being raised by Oscar-winning celebrities may have their advantages when one aspires for Hollywood stardom, but Eva Amurri, daughter of veteran actress Susan Sarandon and stepdaughter of actor-director Tim Robbins, has slowly come into her own as a bona fide film actress and up-and-coming television thespian. A Manhattanite, Eva spent half her life as a youngster in Italy and half in America, specifically New York. During much of her childhood, she would tag along to film sets as her mom and stepdad worked. It wasn't a surprise then that the adorable Eva, as a child, would be cast in her parents' films. In 1992, Robbins gave the seven-year-old Amurri a minor role as a child in a hospital in Bob Roberts, a film he wrote, directed, and starred in. It was also Tim's idea to have Eva portray the nine-year-old version of her mom's character, Helen Prejean, in the critically-acclaimed drama Dead Man Walking (1995), which won Sarandon her first Academy Award after four previous Best Lead Actress nominations. As a teen, Eva continued to appear in her mother's films such as Earthly Possessions (1999), Anywhere But Here (1999), and The Banger Sisters (2002). After finishing high school at Saint Ann's in New York City, she landed her breakout role as Cassandra, the rebellious Jewish teen in Saved!, co-starring Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin, and Jena Malone. When she began attending college at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, Eva's acting career took a back seat as she focused on completing her degree in Italian studies. And unlike most actors, Amurri didn't participate in the school's theater program and also passed up on taking acting courses. In 2007, before her senior year in Brown, Eva played Evan Rachel Wood's exuberant girlfriend in the suspense drama The Life Before Her Eyes, which was filmed in New Haven, Connecticut. After graduating from college, Eva returned to acting and also got involved with United Nations' programs for kids. In 2009, Amurri was tapped to play a writing course student of Hank Moody (David Duchovny) in the third season of Showtime's Californication.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Eva Maria Livia Amurri



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    New York City, New York, USA

    Also Known As

    Eva Amurri Martino, Eva Amurri-Sarandon, Eva Sarandon

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    • Eva Amurri: I think the only way actors get bad is when they get bored, and I hope to never get bored. [laughs] I hope to never get bored.

    • Eva Amurri: (on working with a UN program for children in Africa) I really love-love, love, love working with kids and in education, so it's something that kind of came into my lap and I ran with it. [laughs] And I love it. It's my favorite thing that I do besides my work, so it's a really nice experience to have.

    • Eva Amurri: (tips on shopping when in New York) I would say if you're in New York try to go shopping in the morning when it's not really crowded because I feel like - for me - shopping goes out the window as soon as I get too many people in the store. I like really don't want to be there. People are like grabbing on clothes to try on. It's just a nightmare.

    • Eva Amurri: (on why she did not get involve with theater in college) I wanted to make sure my time at college was academic and very different from what I feel like what I want to do forever after.

    • Eva Amurri: (on learning how to pole dance) I have such a respect now for women who do this. It's very athletic, I mean, they're athletes! It was so hard and so painful. It's like getting rug-burn, but a pole burn on your thighs. I had so many bruises.

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    • To prepare for her role as a stripper in the third season of Californication, Eva took pole dancing classes at S Factor in Los Angeles.

    • Kate Winslet is one actress she really likes to work with. Eva would also love to travel to India.

    • In 2003, Eva Amurri won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film - Supporting Young Actress for her role in the film The Banger Sisters (2002).

    • When she can find the time, Eva likes going to the gym, listening to her iPod, or hanging out in places in New York City.

    • Between her junior and senior years in college, Eva made two feature films: The Education of Charlie Banks and The Life Before Her Eyes.

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