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  • Evangeline: I have always wanted to have a child of my own and I will always want to go through the gift that women have been given to experience that, so I hope to be a mother at some point.

  • Evangeline: (on her skin condition during filming for Lost) Last season of the show I surfed constantly, which was cathartic for me, but the sun and salt water wreaked havoc with my skin so, for the first time in my life, I had skin problems. I ended up wearing a full face of pink pure zinc to protect it. I looked ridiculous with this bright pink face but I just wanted to surf!

  • Evangeline: I loved being a waitress. At times I think... I'd just like to go back and be a waitress for a few weeks and just have fun serving tables again.

  • Evangeline: I need alone time like I need air.

  • Evangeline: By the end of the first season I felt there were expectations for me to be someone I’m not. It was upsetting. I spent almost a month of my summer writing and reading, praying and meditating, and silently allowing myself to reconcile all of these things I'd experienced with the show and re-understanding this industry. Since the summer, I've started to see the fruits of this introspection. It comes in my fan mail. I read every single letter. Some just break my heart. I've cried over letters that have come in, from young women and older women alike, saying to me, "You know, you made me want to stop crash dieting and just be healthy. You are my role model. I want to be like you." It makes me understand why I'm doing this job, why I was led to do this job in the first place.

  • Evangeline: Ironically, when I hit adolescence, I was approached about modeling and acting all the time. And, for five years, I said, "No, I'm not interested. I want a simple life, I don't want to be in the spotlight." Finally, a dear friend said to me, "Why, when you believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and that everything will lead you to where you need to go, do you ignore this one thing that keeps knocking on your door?" And I gave all these really legitimate reasons. "Oh, well, it's a very shallow industry. It perpetuates a negative image for women. It's this and it's that, and I don't want any part of it.” And, he looked me in the eye and said, "I think that's bull. I think you're afraid of your own success, and your strength and your power."

  • Evangeline: (about her "Lost" theory) My uh, geek fan theory that I subscribe to, is the one that we are part of some sort of a conspiratorial experiment. That we have all been hand-picked, put on a plane, the plane was sabotaged to crash, and that we were somehow, we were meant to survive. I think that human life and human casualty is just a given in this experiment that... our lives have no value. If you look at the characters on the show, almost all of us, if I'm not mistaken, really have no ties left at home. There's pretty much nobody who's looking for us, nobody who would care that we've gone missing, and so it's safe. It's safe to dispose of human life in order to study human behavior.

  • Evangeline: I always wear something slightly masculine.

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  • Evangeline Lilly was a Golden Globe nominee in 2006 as Best Actress - Television Series Drama and won 11 Prime Time Emmy Awards including best drama in 2005.

  • Evangeline Lilly's List of Appearences/Rankings/Titles:

    2010 - No. 47, FHM's 100 Sexiest Women
    2010 - No. 7, popcrunch.com's The 100 Hottest Women of 2010
    - No. 94, FHM's 100 Sexiest Women
    2009- No. 42, AIM's 100 Hottest Brunettes
    2008 - No. 54, FHM's 100 Sexiest Women
    2008- No. 88, Maxim magazine's Hot 100
    2007 - No. 17, Entertainment Weekly's "Butt-Kicking Babes: New and Improved"
    2007 - No. 4, Entertainment Tonight Canada's Best Dressed at the 64th Golden Globe Awards
    2007 - Sci Fi Magazine's Sexiest Woman of Sci Fi
    2006 - No. 8, FHM's 100 Sexiest Women
    2006 - Canadian Business Magazine's Most Powerful Canadians in Hollywood
    2006 - No. 45, AskMen.com's Top 99 Women
    2005 - No. 75, FHM's100 Sexiest Women
    2005 - No. 11, MuchMusic's Who To Do: 20 Sexiest Girls
    2005 - No. 2, Maxim magazine's Hot 100
    2004 - Entertainment Weekly's Breakout Star

  • In 2009 as part of the cast in Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker Evangeline won the best ensemble cast award in Gotham Awards and Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards.

  • Evangeline played the role of a female Elf in the two-part epic fantasy film The Hobbit directed by Peter Jackson. The first part An Unexpected Journey will be released in December, 2012. The second part There and Back Again will be released one year later in December 2013.

  • In May,2011 Evangeline gave birth to a baby boy named Kahekili, meaning thunder in Hawaiian. The father is Norman Kali, a Lost production assistant.

  • Evangeline was named in 2008 one of the World Spokespeople of L'Oreal Paris besides Freida Pinto and Elizabeth Banks.

  • Evangeline is not a sun worshipper, despite the fact she lives in Hawaii to film LOST.

  • Evangeline's furniture from her previous house was from the salvation army.

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