Ever Carradine

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  • Ever: On her famous family and choosing acting-- I feel sort of lucky knowing exactly what I was getting into. Some years we'd have a great Christmas and get all kinds of cool presents, and there was just lots of activity and clearly lots of money in the house. Then the next year, Christmas would be like four presents and I'd be like, 'What happened? Did you get a film this year, Dad?

Trivia (11)

  • Ever is the first in her famous family to earn a college degree.

  • Ever's neighbor Anne Lockhart was her babysitter for first five years of her life.

  • Ever attended the same college as Monica Lewinsky and says that she regrets that they never met.

  • Ever's father is an actor named Robert Carradine. The name of her mother is Susan Snyder. She is also Martha Plimpton's cousin.

  • Ever made her film debut in the year 1996 in the movie Foxfire.

  • Ever made her debut on television in the year 1996 in the TV series Diagnosis Murder.

  • Ever's father, actor Robert Carradine, was against her becoming an actress.

  • Even has green eyes and blond hair.

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