Fat Joe

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  • Fat Joe: (about Big Pun) I'm used to young people dying by gettin' shot. Ya know, a lot of my friends have died by gettin' shot, killed, or an accident. But I've never seen a young nigga die 'cause he was fat.

Trivia (28)

  • Fat Joe runs his own label called Terror Squad Entertainment. He is the CEO and main artist.

  • He has a fear of flying but later on got rid of the fear and now enjoys flying.

  • He's half Puerto-Rican and half Cuban.

  • He's always referred to Big Pun as his twinsito.

  • His father's name is Ernesto Delgado and his mother's name is Marie Cartagena.

  • He has two sons named Ryan and Joey.

  • In 1993, his debut album "Represent" was released, featuring production from The Beatnuts, Dimond D, Lord Finesse, and others.

  • In 1995, Fat Joe released his second studio album, "Jealous One's Envy", which peaked at #71 on The Billboard 200 and at #7 on Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums.

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