Forbes March

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Nash Brennan on One Life to Live


5/12/1973, Bristol, England

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  • Named one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in Soaps" in 1999, Forbes March has quickly become one of the most beloved actors ever to grace the small screen. Raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia by his teacher mom, Janette March, and his columnist/philosopher dad, Dr. Peter March, Forbes got his big acting break in 1991 in the Canadian series Northwood. At 5'11", the brown haired, blue eyed March soon turned to modeling to make money. But, after several years, he decided to once again try his hand at acting and soon found himself, in 1999, on All My Children. Two years later, he landed the role of mutant Jesse Kilmartin on the sci-fi hit, Mutant X. Where he stayed until the series was cancelled in 2004. Forbes has been married to Vanessa Sergio for several years. They have two children, Marina (born in 1999) and Peter Forbes (born in 2006).moreless

    Birth Name:

    Forbes William March



    Birth Place:

    Bristol, England

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    • Forbes: (on his favorite blooper moment on television) I was doing this love scene on a soap opera and we're supposed to be rolling around a lot in bed, and by accident I flipped her off the bed and into a wall. It was a sound stage wall and it fell over! We're in our underwear, in this bed with no more sheets and the crew was just dying.

    • Forbes: (on his All My Children role) I'm surprised I stayed on the show for so long, actually. We never really seemed to get it together with Scott.

    • Forbes: (on why he left modeling) I was in four countries a week. It sounds amazing, and it was amazing - for a month or two. Then one night I woke up in a complete panic in a Swiss hotel. I was drenched in sweat. I had no idea what month it was, what day it was, what country I was in, what city I was in or why I was there.

    • Forbes: I come from a family where every man has built his own house. They're not working-class, but they like to pretend that they're working class, hardworking, blue collar.

    Trivia (19)

    • Forbes was suddenly fired from his job on One Life to Live in May of 2008 when his character, Nash, was killed off. The actor says he's "so utterly baffled" by the turn of events.

    • In order to play "Jesse" on the series Mutant X, Forbes and his castmates were enrolled in a "boot camp" for three weeks. The "camp" included training in wire work, gymnastics, and martial arts.

    • Forbes admits that his favorite "forbidden food" is Doritos. Although the treats make his face swell, he claims they are too good to pass up.

    • While working as a model, Forbes appeared in ads for Nautica, Giorgio Armani, and Tommy Hilfiger. He also participated in runway shows and on numerous billboards.

    • In late 2007, Forbes and his wife purchased a home in New York's Catskills region. The couple also own a home in California which they rent out.

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